Man make a complete "stool" of himself

File this in the “it sucks to be you” cat­e­gory. In Florida, a man was feed­ing a horse a cookie – only to have the horse chomp down on his index fin­ger, rip­ping it from his hand. Amaz­ingly, a doc­tor was able to regen­er­ate the man­gled fin­ger with blad­der tis­sue from a pig. The finger’s cells, bone, skin — and even the fin­ger­nail – grew back and will be reat­tached to the guy’s hand. A full recov­ery is expected in just 12 weeks.

A Wash­ing­ton man intent on show­ing off his knowl­edge of art his­tory now has a crim­i­nal his­tory — after he was arrested for break­ing into a museum and re-arranging the con­tents while stark naked. The butt-naked bur­glar, whose name was not released, stole a car and used it to bat­ter in the metal door of a stor­age facil­ity attached to the Sedro-Woolley Museum, and then got busy with his re-organization plan. A sur­veil­lance video cap­tured the man, who was spat­tered in his own blood, mov­ing around pieces of art­work as well as lad­ders and con­struc­tion sup­plies, cre­at­ing pat­terns around the room. Police say they believe the sus­pect was under the influ­ence of drugs when he went on his curat­ing rampage

motorized barstoolA New Zealand man raised the bar for dri­ving under the influ­ence when had to be rushed to the hos­pi­tal after a seri­ous acci­dent — in which he crashed a motor­ized bar stool. The 62-year-old, who was not iden­ti­fied, thought it would be the best way for him to get home from his local pub. The plan didn’t go all that well – after get­ting up to speed, the man drove off the road and totaled the thing.  He’s fac­ing numer­ous charges, includ­ing oper­at­ing a non-roadworthy vehi­cle. Cops are look­ing to deter­mine whether or not alco­hol was involved.

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