Man make a complete "stool" of himself

File this in the “it sucks to be you” category. In Florida, a man was feeding a horse a cookie – only to have the horse chomp down on his index finger, ripping it from his hand. Amazingly, a doctor was able to regenerate the mangled finger with bladder tissue from a pig. The finger’s cells, bone, skin – and even the fingernail – grew back and will be reattached to the guy’s hand. A full recovery is expected in just 12 weeks.

A Washington man intent on showing off his knowledge of art history now has a criminal history — after he was arrested for breaking into a museum and re-arranging the contents while stark naked. The butt-naked burglar, whose name was not released, stole a car and used it to batter in the metal door of a storage facility attached to the Sedro-Woolley Museum, and then got busy with his re-organization plan. A surveillance video captured the man, who was spattered in his own blood, moving around pieces of artwork as well as ladders and construction supplies, creating patterns around the room. Police say they believe the suspect was under the influence of drugs when he went on his curating rampage

motorized barstoolA New Zealand man raised the bar for driving under the influence when had to be rushed to the hospital after a serious accident — in which he crashed a motorized bar stool. The 62-year-old, who was not identified, thought it would be the best way for him to get home from his local pub. The plan didn’t go all that well — after getting up to speed, the man drove off the road and totaled the thing.  He’s facing numerous charges, including operating a non-roadworthy vehicle. Cops are looking to determine whether or not alcohol was involved.

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