Mary gets her groovy on

Bubba Mur­phy of Berke­ley Lake said a neigh­nor  woman mis­took his hol­i­day dis­play, for an actual per­son in dis­tress and called 911.  If you didn’t kow the Muphy fam­ily per­son­ally you may have too.  The dis­play fea­tures a man­nequin sur­rounded by Christ­mas lights dan­gling from his home with a fallen lad­der on the ground below. Mur­phy said. “I opened the door, there were fire trucks, ambu­lance, fire mar­shal, police car and six fire men.”  Every­thing ended well with the neigh­bor apol­o­giz­ing and the dis­play stay­ing put.

tie dye virgin mary A Florida man Tim Symonds of Sun­coast said he reg­u­larly makes his own tie dye Ts but he’s never seen a design like this one!  The Vir­gin Mary paid his a visit over the heart area of his home­made tie-dye T-shirt.  Symonds said his mother, Deb­bie, also spot­ted Mary on the shirt. Stephen McConnell, the senior pas­tor at the Church of the Palms in Sara­sota, said it is not impos­si­ble for holy images to show up on every­day objects. Like toast, in bird drop­pings or on a potato chip….

 Police in Read­ing­ton Town­ship, NJ at 1:45am pulled over a car that was swerv­ing, and smelled alco­hol ema­nat­ing from it. The dri­ver, Car­men Reategui, failed the field sobri­ety tests and was hauled off to police HQ, where she made a phone call … to Nina Petracca who came to col­lect her. Except the patrol­man Petracca spoke to thought she seemed a lit­tle intox­i­cated, and after learn­ing she had dri­ven her­self to the sta­tion, admin­is­tered the same sobri­ety tests to her in the lobby. She failed. Turns out she was car­ry­ing seven Vicodin in an unla­beled con­tainer, so her DUI charge has now been mar­ried with a pos­ses­sion charge. She and Car­men decided to call Ryan Hogan to pick them up. Well, the patrol­man smelled booze on him too, and he failed his tests. Even­tu­ally they did get some­one sober to pick up all three of them up. They have Jan­u­ary court dates.

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