Mary gets her groovy on

Bubba Murphy of Berkeley Lake said a neighnor  woman mistook his holiday display, for an actual person in distress and called 911.  If you didn’t kow the Muphy family personally you may have too.  The display features a mannequin surrounded by Christmas lights dangling from his home with a fallen ladder on the ground below. Murphy said. “I opened the door, there were fire trucks, ambulance, fire marshal, police car and six fire men.”  Everything ended well with the neighbor apologizing and the display staying put.

tie dye virgin mary A Florida man Tim Symonds of Suncoast said he regularly makes his own tie dye Ts but he’s never seen a design like this one!  The Virgin Mary paid his a visit over the heart area of his homemade tie-dye T-shirt.  Symonds said his mother, Debbie, also spotted Mary on the shirt. Stephen McConnell, the senior pastor at the Church of the Palms in Sarasota, said it is not impossible for holy images to show up on everyday objects. Like toast, in bird droppings or on a potato chip….

 Police in Readington Township, NJ at 1:45am pulled over a car that was swerving, and smelled alcohol emanating from it. The driver, Carmen Reategui, failed the field sobriety tests and was hauled off to police HQ, where she made a phone call … to Nina Petracca who came to collect her. Except the patrolman Petracca spoke to thought she seemed a little intoxicated, and after learning she had driven herself to the station, administered the same sobriety tests to her in the lobby. She failed. Turns out she was carrying seven Vicodin in an unlabeled container, so her DUI charge has now been married with a possession charge. She and Carmen decided to call Ryan Hogan to pick them up. Well, the patrolman smelled booze on him too, and he failed his tests. Eventually they did get someone sober to pick up all three of them up. They have January court dates.

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