Meat me in the street

Wisconsin Cops were called to a highway in Racine to investigate a disturbance, and found about 15 or meat in the street20 large pieces of meat scattered across several lanes of traffic. They followed the porky trail and found a large bag brimming with ribs in the front yard of a home belonging to Sharquon Liggins. Liggins said he pulled the stunt because he thought it would be funny – but didn’t find it as amusing when cops tried to arrest him, fighting back so hard that he also earned a charge of resisting arrest

A Chicago man is facing criminal charges after walking into a local McDonald’s displaying his own meat and buns on a midday stroll. The man created an unhappy meal for dozens of diners when he strolled into the fast food joint completely unwrapped, wandering up to the counter and unsuccessfully trying to get back to the food prep area. One customer whacked the nude dude with a “caution: wet floor” sign, but had no luck getting his attention. Cops called to the scene briefly grilled the suspect before hauling him off to McJail.

Florida woman Melissa Bopp was arrested and charged with aggravated battery after her fiancé Cedric Henry called 911 to report that he had been stabbed in the stomach!  Henry said that he refused to take Bopp to the liquor store because he didn’t want to drive while he was intoxicated.  Sounds fair.  Bopp apparently had a different idea and really wanted her booze…obviously more than she wanted to get married. 

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