Meat me in the street

Wis­con­sin Cops were called to a high­way in Racine to inves­ti­gate a dis­tur­bance, and found about 15 or meat in the street20 large pieces of meat scat­tered across sev­eral lanes of traf­fic. They fol­lowed the porky trail and found a large bag brim­ming with ribs in the front yard of a home belong­ing to Shar­quon Lig­gins. Lig­gins said he pulled the stunt because he thought it would be funny – but didn’t find it as amus­ing when cops tried to arrest him, fight­ing back so hard that he also earned a charge of resist­ing arrest

A Chicago man is fac­ing crim­i­nal charges after walk­ing into a local McDonald’s dis­play­ing his own meat and buns on a mid­day stroll. The man cre­ated an unhappy meal for dozens of din­ers when he strolled into the fast food joint com­pletely unwrapped, wan­der­ing up to the counter and unsuc­cess­fully try­ing to get back to the food prep area. One cus­tomer whacked the nude dude with a “cau­tion: wet floor” sign, but had no luck get­ting his atten­tion. Cops called to the scene briefly grilled the sus­pect before haul­ing him off to McJail.

Florida woman Melissa Bopp was arrested and charged with aggra­vated bat­tery after her fiancé Cedric Henry called 911 to report that he had been stabbed in the stom­ach!  Henry said that he refused to take Bopp to the liquor store because he didn’t want to drive while he was intox­i­cated.  Sounds fair.  Bopp appar­ently had a dif­fer­ent idea and really wanted her booze…obviously more than she wanted to get mar­ried. 

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