Merit badge misfit

A Brazilian drug smuggler was killed when he crashed into a tree while being chased by police … because the 1100 pounds of weed he stashed in the back seat of his car came barreling forward and crushed him against the steering wheel. Federal police started the chase when the man
didn’t stop at a road block.

The Gothenburg appeals court ruled in favor of throwing out the charges against a man, who was stopped near his home while driving his truck drunk. The man’s blood alcohol content was found to be well over the legal limit and faced up to two years in jail. However, the court overturned the district court’s guilty ruling after the man said he was sleepwalking!  His brother and girlfriend also testified that he is prone to sleepwalking episodes. The court concluded the man’s claims were not outside of a reasonable doubt.

Girls Scout merit badge18-year-old Sean M. Siegert an allegedly intoxicated Iowa man was found sitting in a creek. When confronted by police, he claimed to be Peggy Hill, the boggle-playing know-it-all mother from “King of the Hill.” Siegert, who police say was quite intoxicated, told officers he only wanted to help some Girl Scouts earn their merit badges, but lost the girls. First responders successfully removed the man from the creek, and determined there were no lost Girl Scouts in the area, despite Siegert’s pleas to keep looking.

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