Merit badge misfit

A Brazil­ian drug smug­gler was killed when he crashed into a tree while being chased by police … because the 1100 pounds of weed he stashed in the back seat of his car came bar­rel­ing for­ward and crushed him against the steer­ing wheel. Fed­eral police started the chase when the man
didn’t stop at a road block.

The Gothen­burg appeals court ruled in favor of throw­ing out the charges against a man, who was stopped near his home while dri­ving his truck drunk. The man’s blood alco­hol con­tent was found to be well over the legal limit and faced up to two years in jail. How­ever, the court over­turned the dis­trict court’s guilty rul­ing after the man said he was sleep­walk­ing!  His brother and girl­friend also tes­ti­fied that he is prone to sleep­walk­ing episodes. The court con­cluded the man’s claims were not out­side of a rea­son­able doubt.

Girls Scout merit badge18-year-old Sean M. Siegert an allegedly intox­i­cated Iowa man was found sit­ting in a creek. When con­fronted by police, he claimed to be Peggy Hill, the boggle-playing know-it-all mother from “King of the Hill.” Siegert, who police say was quite intox­i­cated, told offi­cers he only wanted to help some Girl Scouts earn their merit badges, but lost the girls. First respon­ders suc­cess­fully removed the man from the creek, and deter­mined there were no lost Girl Scouts in the area, despite Siegert’s pleas to keep looking.

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