Mid-Day Mosh Pit

Do you like metal? Real metal? From the fiery chasm below?  Then join Kat Sexton every Saturday afternoon at 3pm for the KBEAR 101 Mid-Day Mosh Pit!  Kat will blister your ears with three consecutive brutal, heavier-than-weapons-grade-plutonium metal jams that’ll wreck your neck, guaranteed. These are tracks that are too brutal, too dangerous, and just too heavy for our regular playlist. This is music for the true metalhead, full of crazy, careening guitar riffs, blastbeats, and screamed vocals intended to summon all manner of demons. Crank the volume up to 11 and raise those horns up high for the KBEAR 101 Mid-Day Mosh Pit!!

Have a song you’re dieing to hear?  Request it below!