Miming for money

How often have you planned on just being a guest at a wedding but ended up the groom instead?  In India, the bride’s family apparently fought with the original groom and he walked off angrily & didn’t return as expected and could not be found, and the wedding was scheduled for the following day. That’s when the guest, a relative of the bride, offered to marry her!  The family was “relieved” when the wedding took place on schedule.

Richmond police were on the lookout after someone reported that a naked man  running in the area. They spotted Jermaine Lloyd crouching behind a tree trying to slip into pink women’s panties and pantyhose!  Lloyd allegedly ran “in a threatening manner” toward Deputy Austin Shepherd who hit him with a baton. After he was handcuffed, deputies found a purple Crown Royal bag containing cocaine and marijuana that Lloyd had dropped. Just last week, Lloyd escaped from police on foot after he was stopped in his Ford Explorer and told he was under arrest for driving under the influence when Police reportedly found cocaine and marijuana in the car.

mimeMatthew White walked around the convenience store collecting items, including a box of cookies, which he started to eat as he approached the counter. When the cashier asked him how he planned to pay, he reached into his pocket and mimed taking out a credit card, which he then slid across the counter and waited. After being informed he needed to use an actual card or cash, White walked out and wandered around the parking lot, walking into the glass as if he couldn’t find the door – before finally going back inside and grabbing some hair ties to adorn his locks. Cops showed up at this point and took him into custody for disorderly conduct and shoplifting.

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