Misguided burglar attempt

Dylan Zeller got into an argu­ment with a friend who didn’t want him to drive drunk, and caused enough of a ruckus to get cops called to the scene. Zeller, who was described as “bel­liger­ent,” was restrained, hand­cuffed, and tossed in the back of a cruiser – where he pro­ceeded to kick and bang his head against the win­dows and doors. The 18-year-old was trans­ported to a hos­pi­tal for eval­u­a­tion, and after say­ing he needed to use the bath­room, he was handed a portable uri­nal – which he used and emp­tied onto the offi­cer assigned to guard him. He stands charged with dis­or­derly con­duct and sec­ond degree assault.

 Michi­gan man Alan Markovitz recently moved into the home in Bloom­field Hills, which is next door to where his ex-wife lives with her new lover.  So he gave them a wel­come home gift — a 12-foot-tall statue of the mid­dle fin­ger erected on his lawn. Markovitz told WJBK that he erected to statute to get even with the ex-wife’s new lover. He said he never meant for the mat­ter to be pub­lic, but said the story grabbed local media atten­tion when his ex-wife’s daugh­ter posted a pic­ture of the statue on twitter.

gpsA Col­orado crook stepped into a mess of trou­ble when he decided to cel­e­brate his release from cus­tody by going on a rob­bery spree – while wear­ing an ankle bracelet designed to track his every move. Iron­i­cally enough, Bran­don Camp­bell was sen­tenced to wear the mon­i­tor after he was con­victed of steal­ing a GPS device ear­lier in the year. He didn’t let his court-issued jew­elry get in the way of his job, how­ever, break­ing into more than a dozen houses in Denver’s sub­urbs, caus­ing thou­sands in dam­age and boost­ing arm­loads of booty. Camp­bell tried to plead not guilty to the offenses, but for­got that his track­ing sys­tem placed him at the scene of each rob­bery at the exact time it was happening

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