Monday 03/05

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A Pennsylvania man apparently needs an explanation of what it means to steal a woman’s heart.- 26-year-old John Jardini stole $60 from a girl, who had gotten off the bus and was waiting for her mother. Then, apparently thinking that his actions made him irresistible, Jardini called the girl — twice — asking her if she had a boyfriend and if she wanted to go out with him. Police got a warrant for Jardini’s phone records and were about to track him down when Jardini struck again — allegedly assaulting the same girl and her mother outside a supermarket!  He was arrested on the spot and positively identified as the guy who earlier robbed the girl.

Deer Meet  – Police in Ohio said a startled deer became an accidental hero when it scared off a man who was attempting to choke a woman and drag her away. Oxford Police Sgt. Jon Varley said the woman left a party early and a man “tried to choke her and drag her” by her purse straps and “told her to be quiet.” Varley said a deer that was apparently sleeping nearby suddenly jumped up and started running, causing the assailant to become spooked and flee. Varley said the woman suffered red marks and bruising from being choked and punched in the forehead but did not require medical treatment.

 Here’s a tip – A New Mexico man made the mistake of trying to skip out on a check at an Applebee’s restaurant.  Apparently, his two female dining companions left the restaurant first, and then he allegedly tried to slip out without paying the $30 check. The best part (for us anyway) was it was during the Tip-A-Cop fundraiser where officers served as the restaurant’s hosts and wait staff. Given that the place was crawling with cops, he was quickly apprehended and charged with obtaining services less than $100.

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