Monday 03/05

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A Penn­syl­va­nia man appar­ently needs an expla­na­tion of what it means to steal a woman’s heart.- 26-year-old John Jar­dini stole $60 from a girl, who had got­ten off the bus and was wait­ing for her mother. Then, appar­ently think­ing that his actions made him irre­sistible, Jar­dini called the girl — twice — ask­ing her if she had a boyfriend and if she wanted to go out with him. Police got a war­rant for Jardini’s phone records and were about to track him down when Jar­dini struck again — allegedly assault­ing the same girl and her mother out­side a super­mar­ket!  He was arrested on the spot and pos­i­tively iden­ti­fied as the guy who ear­lier robbed the girl.

Deer Meet  - Police in Ohio said a star­tled deer became an acci­den­tal hero when it scared off a man who was attempt­ing to choke a woman and drag her away. Oxford Police Sgt. Jon Var­ley said the woman left a party early and a man “tried to choke her and drag her” by her purse straps and “told her to be quiet.” Var­ley said a deer that was appar­ently sleep­ing nearby sud­denly jumped up and started run­ning, caus­ing the assailant to become spooked and flee. Var­ley said the woman suf­fered red marks and bruis­ing from being choked and punched in the fore­head but did not require med­ical treatment.

 Here’s a tip — A New Mex­ico man made the mis­take of try­ing to skip out on a check at an Applebee’s restau­rant.  Appar­ently, his two female din­ing com­pan­ions left the restau­rant first, and then he allegedly tried to slip out with­out pay­ing the $30 check. The best part (for us any­way) was it was dur­ing the Tip-A-Cop fundraiser where offi­cers served as the restaurant’s hosts and wait staff. Given that the place was crawl­ing with cops, he was quickly appre­hended and charged with obtain­ing ser­vices less than $100.

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