Monday 10/1

No one really wants to have a stalker, but if you had to have one you’d probably want one that would pay your bills. James Horlander of Indiana is charged with stalking after he allegedly followed around a female store clerk. Cops say he visited her store several times a day, appeared at her home many times and even took her mail and paid her bills.
Police in Florida said a man ran off with $29 dropped by a Home Depot customer. Michael Futerman grabbed the cash from the floor of the store when Ruth Mae Facyson dropped it. Investigators said Facyson and an employee confronted Futerman, but he said “finders keepers” before fleeing to the parking lot, where he allegedly struck Facyson on the right leg withhis car while leaving. Police investigated further and arrested him at home where they discovered a small crack rock he said he purchased with the cash he “found” at the store. Police said they recovered the remaining $3 of Facyson’s money. Futerman was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, petit theft, possession of cocaine and resisting a police officer without violence.
An Alaska woman learned a lesson about texting, smoking, walking and probably littering − after she fell off the edge of a 60-foot cliff. Maria Pestrikoff of Kodiak, Alaska, was texting when she walked to the edge of a cliff near her home to toss a cigarette butt − but she slipped on the grass and plummeted toward the rocky beach below. Luckily, a friend heard her screams for help. Rescue workers were called and had to act quickly, because the tide was coming in and she was just feet from the water’ edge. Pestrikoff sustained several injuries, but was in stable condition after the rescue.

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