Monday 10/22

Police in France said they were trying to identify the skeleton of a man believed to have lain undiscovered in bed for more than 15 years! The body, found in an abandoned house in the northern city of Lille, is thought to be that of the elderly owner of the property, who lived alone and appeared to have house dating no relatives or friends apparently. Police said they had found piles of unopened mail at the back to 1996.

A 9-year-old girl who was hanging outside a Halloween party Saturday night in Western Pennsylvania, took a bullet to the shoulder from a male relative who mistook her for a skunk! She was spotted on a hillside around 8:30 p.m. wearing a black costume and black hat with a white tassel.  No word on if the relative was wasted or just scared to death of the size of that skunk but  she went down.

Most people dread going to jury duty and try to find a way to make it more tolerable. Well, schoolteacher Damien Esteban took things a little too far in his attempt to take the edge off, as he was found trying to bring 18 baggies of heroin into a New York City courthouse! Esteban, a 33-year-old teacher at a prestigious architecture school, returned from a break in a murder trial with the stash and was caught as he attempted to go through security. He was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance. And, he has since been replaced as a juror.

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