Monday 11/12

An Indi­ana mid­dle school stu­dent said his lost phone led to a prank that con­vinced stu­dents and teach­ers at his school he was dead. Michael Sink­field, 14, who attends River­side Junior High in Fish­ers, said he lost his phone on a  Fri­day and many of his friends received text mes­sages from the device Sun­day night claim­ing to be from his father and say­ing the youth had died in a car crash.  On Mon­day morn­ing Micheal boarded his bus to school and said “ peo­ple were look­ing at me happy, but other peo­ple were cry­ing. I didn’t know what was going on.”  Linda McK­in­ney, Michael’s mother, said she had received a call of con­do­lences Mon­day morn­ing from prin­ci­pal Rob Huesing, who called back later to apol­o­gize for the mixup.  Sink­field said who­ever had his phone changed his Face­book pass­word, so he was unable to alert friends to the lost device or log in to see the news of his own demise. The fam­ily said they do not know who was behind the prank.

Kirk John Tin­ney was wan­der­ing around on a neigh­bor­hood street, stum­bling and approach­ing cars while singing the hip-hop clas­sic ‘[Bleep] the Police]’ as well as a more recent rap hit about not being sent back to jail. Tin­ney also had music blar­ing at top vol­ume inside his apart­ment, which led to a noise com­plaint. When he refused to stop singing about not going back to jail, cops made the deci­sion for him, haul­ing him in on charges of dis­or­derly intox­i­ca­tion and dis­turb­ing the peace.

A Florida woman was busted on charges of steal­ing thou­sands of dol­lars worth of mer­chan­dise from her neigh­bors, but has been allowed to stay out of jail – while she tries to remem­ber where she put the stuff!  Anita Louise McGillicuddy’s neigh­bors came to her door to voice sus­pi­cions that she was behind a series of small thefts that added up to more than four thou­sand dol­lars in losses, which she read­ily admit­ted. She even returned some of the items that she was accused of swip­ing, but insisted she had no idea where most of it was because she was totally wasted when she com­mit­ted the crimes – most of which she doesn’t even recall. She says she was drink­ing heav­ily and recalls break­ing into the home, but not leav­ing with arm­fuls of stuff. Her room­mate promised to pitch in on the hunt for the stolen goods.

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