Monday 11/12

An Indiana middle school student said his lost phone led to a prank that convinced students and teachers at his school he was dead. Michael Sinkfield, 14, who attends Riverside Junior High in Fishers, said he lost his phone on a  Friday and many of his friends received text messages from the device Sunday night claiming to be from his father and saying the youth had died in a car crash.  On Monday morning Micheal boarded his bus to school and said “ people were looking at me happy, but other people were crying. I didn’t know what was going on.”  Linda McKinney, Michael’s mother, said she had received a call of condolences Monday morning from principal Rob Huesing, who called back later to apologize for the mixup.  Sinkfield said whoever had his phone changed his Facebook password, so he was unable to alert friends to the lost device or log in to see the news of his own demise. The family said they do not know who was behind the prank.

Kirk John Tinney was wandering around on a neighborhood street, stumbling and approaching cars while singing the hip-hop classic ‘[Bleep] the Police]’ as well as a more recent rap hit about not being sent back to jail. Tinney also had music blaring at top volume inside his apartment, which led to a noise complaint. When he refused to stop singing about not going back to jail, cops made the decision for him, hauling him in on charges of disorderly intoxication and disturbing the peace.

A Florida woman was busted on charges of stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from her neighbors, but has been allowed to stay out of jail – while she tries to remember where she put the stuff!  Anita Louise McGillicuddy’s neighbors came to her door to voice suspicions that she was behind a series of small thefts that added up to more than four thousand dollars in losses, which she readily admitted. She even returned some of the items that she was accused of swiping, but insisted she had no idea where most of it was because she was totally wasted when she committed the crimes – most of which she doesn’t even recall. She says she was drinking heavily and recalls breaking into the home, but not leaving with armfuls of stuff. Her roommate promised to pitch in on the hunt for the stolen goods.

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