Monday 11/26

Freak News 11262012

Observers at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade were
surprised to discover that the confetti landing on their coats
contained confidential information including social security
numbers and banking info. One paradegoer tells WPIX his friend
first noticed a Social Security number on one piece of confetti, then
found more with “phone numbers, addresses, more social security
numbers, license plate numbers,” and police incident reports
including arrest records and information about Mitt Romney’s
motorcade.Turns out the confetti was made up of Nassau County
Police Department documents that “were shredded, but clearly not
well enough,” WPIX notes. Some of the documents even identify
undercover police officers by name, and give out information
including dates of birth, social security numbers, and more. The
police department says in a statement that it is “very concerned”
and will be investigating the matter, and Macy’s says it uses
“commercially manufactured, multicolor confetti, not shredded
paper” in the parade.

A hatch on a Swedish church tower inadvertently left open for
some three decades resulted in 2 tons of pigeon droppings
amassing in the tower.The church’s property manager says the
layer of droppings was 30 centimeters (12 inches) deep when it
was discovered during a May inspection of the Heliga Trefaldighets
Kyrka in Gavle, 170 kilometers (105 miles) north of Stockholm.
Lennart Helzenius said on Thursday that church staff had been
shocked by the sheer number of bags of excrement cleaners were
removing from the tower. He says the droppings filled 80 bags in
the first round of cleaning, and then just as many in the second
round.Helzenius says the hatch had probably been left open since
the 1980s.

Well, that’s one way to hurt the competition: A Connecticut real
estate agent has been charged with stealing a competitor’s “for
sale” signs from the front lawns of area homes. Police say 54-
year-old Robert Toth was charged Wednesday with third-degree
larceny and first-degree criminal trespass, after Jihad Shaheer
complained in September that his signs had been stolen from
more than eight sites. Police tell the Connecticut Post that they
later determined that Toth, who had worked for Shaheer before
opening his own real estate company, had been taking the signs.

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