Monday 11/26

Freak News 11262012

Observers at the Macy’s Thanks­giv­ing Day Parade were
sur­prised to dis­cover that the con­fetti land­ing on their coats
con­tained con­fi­den­tial infor­ma­tion includ­ing social secu­rity
num­bers and bank­ing info. One parade­goer tells WPIX his friend
first noticed a Social Secu­rity num­ber on one piece of con­fetti, then
found more with “phone num­bers, addresses, more social secu­rity
num­bers, license plate num­bers,” and police inci­dent reports
includ­ing arrest records and infor­ma­tion about Mitt Romney’s
motorcade.Turns out the con­fetti was made up of Nas­sau County
Police Depart­ment doc­u­ments that “were shred­ded, but clearly not
well enough,” WPIX notes. Some of the doc­u­ments even iden­tify
under­cover police offi­cers by name, and give out infor­ma­tion
includ­ing dates of birth, social secu­rity num­bers, and more. The
police depart­ment says in a state­ment that it is “very con­cerned“
and will be inves­ti­gat­ing the mat­ter, and Macy’s says it uses
“com­mer­cially man­u­fac­tured, mul­ti­color con­fetti, not shred­ded
paper” in the parade.

A hatch on a Swedish church tower inad­ver­tently left open for
some three decades resulted in 2 tons of pigeon drop­pings
amass­ing in the tower.The church’s prop­erty man­ager says the
layer of drop­pings was 30 cen­time­ters (12 inches) deep when it
was dis­cov­ered dur­ing a May inspec­tion of the Heliga Tre­faldighets
Kyrka in Gavle, 170 kilo­me­ters (105 miles) north of Stock­holm.
Lennart Helze­nius said on Thurs­day that church staff had been
shocked by the sheer num­ber of bags of excre­ment clean­ers were
remov­ing from the tower. He says the drop­pings filled 80 bags in
the first round of clean­ing, and then just as many in the sec­ond
round.Helzenius says the hatch had prob­a­bly been left open since
the 1980s.

Well, that’s one way to hurt the com­pe­ti­tion: A Con­necti­cut real
estate agent has been charged with steal­ing a competitor’s “for
sale” signs from the front lawns of area homes. Police say 54–
year-old Robert Toth was charged Wednes­day with third-degree
lar­ceny and first-degree crim­i­nal tres­pass, after Jihad Sha­heer
com­plained in Sep­tem­ber that his signs had been stolen from
more than eight sites. Police tell the Con­necti­cut Post that they
later deter­mined that Toth, who had worked for Sha­heer before
open­ing his own real estate com­pany, had been tak­ing the signs.

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