Monday 1/2

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BM-WTF Dar­ren Richard­son, said police called in a snif­fer dog when he was pulled over by Pomp­ton Lakes offi­cers and they offi­cer claimed to detect a strong scent of mar­i­juana. Richard­son, who was charged with dis­or­derly con­duct after argu­ing with the offi­cers, said the 2004 BMW 325i was impounded and he received it back three weeks later to find the car had been destroyed by the search for drugs, esti­mated the dam­age at $12,636.42.  Police blamed it on inter­nal affairs.

Jesus sock - In His lat­est round of unusual appear­ances, Jesus has report­edly shown his face on a British woman’s clean, gray sock. Sarah Crane was air­ing out her freshly washed laun­dry in Kent, Eng­land, when she spot­ted what appeared to be an imprint resem­bling Jesus’ face.  The 38-year-old brought the image to her boyfriend’s atten­tion and took pic­tures of it to share with loved ones. Unfor­tu­nately when she moved the sock from its orig­i­nal loca­tion on a clothes­line, the image became slightly dis­torted. “But you can still make out his face,” the Daily Mail reports. Crane’s unex­pected find only adds to a long-running list of strange alleged Jesus sight­ings. Ear­lier this month, a Mis­souri woman said she saw an image of Christ among the swirls of col­ors in her son’s melted crayons. We’ve also seen Jesus toast and sadly you can also see him on the rear end of a pup. 

There are presents, pre­sant -Jason D. Palmer, was pulled over for erratic dri­ving in near Coeur d’Alene. Two of Palmer’s four chil­dren were in the car at the time. Dur­ing the traf­fic stop, a sheriff’s deputy searched Palmer’s car because they could smell mar­i­juana out­side of the car. Palmer told police he is a med­ical mar­i­juana card holder and there was a small amount of “med­i­cine” in the vehi­cle. The deputy wrote, “I asked him what was in the presents and he stated some ‘sweaters. “A K-9 unit was called to the scene and the dog went straight for the presents, which were then unwrapped to find the drugs. Palmer was charged with felony drug traf­fick­ing of mar­i­juana. Palmers’ two sons, ages 12 and 14, were charged with fre­quent­ing, as the deputies believed the boys knew the mar­i­juana was in the car


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