Monday 12/10

Cops in New Mex­ico are look­ing into the deliv­ery of an unusu­ally high-caliber par­cel of meat.  The meat, which appears to have been pack­aged and frozen more than a year ago, orig­i­nated at a plant in Col­orado and was deliv­ered to a super­mar­ket last week. When an employee tore into the case to ready the ribs for sale, he found a semi-automatic tucked inside the frozen meat and quickly called cops – but not before acci­den­tally wip­ing off what­ever fin­ger­prints might have been on the thing. A police spokesman says “You hear of peo­ple find­ing frogs in their salad or weird stuff like that, but never heard of this one.”

Zoo Edu­ca­tion Coor­di­na­tor Liz Schmidt said she was teach­ing about rein­deer to preschool chil­dren and their par­ents at Rosa­mond Gif­ford Zoo in Syra­cuse when she received a call about some­one, in labor approx­i­mately 500 yards away near the bear exhibit, the Syra­cuse (N.Y.) Post-Standard reported. Turns out it was lady going into labour on a wildlife exhibit path!  The woman was taken by ambu­lance to the hos­pi­tal, the news­pa­per reported. Zoo Direc­tor Ted Fox said the zoo intends to send a baby gift to the fam­ily. “I’m sure it will be ani­mal related,” he said.


A Dallas-area man called 911 to report that another man had pulled a gun on him, but cops weren’t ter­ri­bly sym­pa­thetic – since the caller had rung them while he was try­ing to rob the guy with the weapon. Christo­pher Lance Moore had bro­ken into the man’s house and began ran­sack­ing the place when the home­owner and his step­son woke up and walked in the scene, guns in hand. Moore tried to calmly excuse him­self, and made it as far as his truck, which was parked in the dri­ve­way, but James Gerow ordered the younger man to shoot Moore if he tried to flee … but “shoot him in the leg; you ain’t gotta kill him. “Both sides then dialed the emer­gency num­ber and sum­moned cops, who arrived and asked Moore what he was doing in the home, to which he only replied that he had “bad intentions.”

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