Monday 12/12

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5 alarm squir­rel–  Admin­is­tra­tors at a Florida school were going nuts try­ing to find the per­pe­tra­tor behind a false fire alarm that forced an evac­u­a­tion, until a video­tape revealed the deed was done … by a squir­rel.  The crit­ter had appar­ently taken up res­i­dence in the school’s kitchen and had the run of the place, as proven by the tape, which shows it climb­ing a wall to get at the alarm, and then pulling it. The squir­rel even appears to glance around as if he was in fear of get­ting caught. While the ani­mal was trapped, he won’t face any pun­ish­ment. As the school’s main­te­nance direc­tor noted, “It’s really hard to fine a squir­rel, so he got a stern lec­ture and was released outside.”

An arrest­ing devel­op­ment —   LaDon­drell Mont­gomery has been con­victed of armed rob­bery and he swore up and down that he had noth­ing to do with the rob­bery in ques­tion, but couldn’t attest to the fact that he was already in prison on that day because he’s been arrested so often that he’s lost track of the exact dates of each bust. Lucky for him at the time he was alleged to have com­mit­ted the rob­bery, he was behind bars on a domes­tic vio­lence charge. But not every­thing is sunny for­Mont­gomery.  He’s still fac­ing trial on five other counts of robbery.

Not such a hot idea — Two Chicago men showed alarm­ingly bad judg­ment when they phoned in a fake 911 call to the local fire sta­tion so they could rob it.  Anthony and Robert DiP­i­etro were almost out the door, car­ry­ing arm­fuls of elec­tron­ics, includ­ing a $1200 lap­top. But the crew’s response time to the 911 call was way too impres­sive and they showed back up to the sta­tion as the thief’s were walk­ing out with the merch! As one lieu­tenant said, “It is kind of com­i­cal, because they thought they were going to run away and just take off with the lap­top, and then 10 fire­men pile out of the two trucks, and what are they going to do?”

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