Monday 12/17

Emergency Crews were called to a building in the city in Russia when a voice was heard calling for help from the trash cute. Responders said they discovered the woman, wearing only a T-shirt, had lost her balance and fell in while attempting to retrieve a bag of cosmetics she had accidentally thrown away.”The rescue workers had to cut the chute away with a blow-torch in a service area … so they could pull her out by hand,” an emergency services representative said .Medics determined the woman was not seriously injured and responders said the woman was able to locate her bag of cosmetics and return home once she was freed.

The catapult didn’t work so well. Nor did driving over the border fence with a makeshift ramp. Now Mexican drug smugglers have resorted to cannons, authorities say. Smugglers used a pneumatic cannon to shoot containers of pot over the border into an Arizona field, reports the Yuma Sun. It worked, except the retrievers on the other side must have been taking a smoke break because a citizen spotted the cans and alerted authorities before smugglers on the US side could retrieve them. The 33 cans had about $42,000 worth of marijuana inside. The would-be smugglers and their cannon remain at large.

A wanna-be California crook found himself stuck in neutral after trying – and failing – to carjack three separate vehicles in the same parking lot in one day. His first attempt was when approached a woman and ordered her into her car, only to have her climb in as requested – and then drive off. Strike two occurred after he brandished a weapon and succeeded in chasing her into one of the stores around the lot, where she reported his actions to security.  The final indignity came when his third mark complied with his request to leave her car, with the keys in the ignition, but then activated a kill switch that locked him in the vehicle. He managed to break a window and escape … on foot.

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