Monday 12/19

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Steal­ing more than a kiss — We’ve heard of going to a drive-in movie on a date, but a drive-out movie? That was the idea hatched by a Florida man who bolted from a the­ater when the lights low­ered and stole her car.  Michael Pratt told his date he needed to bor­row her keys because he’d left some­thing in her vehi­cle. When he didn’t return, she called his cell and he laugh­ingly told her he’d ripped her off.  The car, which was actu­ally a rental any­way, turned up in a park­ing lot four days later — and Pratt was arrested shortly there­after. Pratt pre­vi­ously served more than a year in prison for the same charge.

 Bad Santa — It’s not easy get­ting green, as a 74-year-old Mil­wau­kee man found out when he called cops to com­plain that he gave an escort a hun­dred dol­lar bill for “adult ser­vices,” and she never returned with 50 bucks in change as promised.  The man, who was not iden­ti­fied, says he paid an escort for a back mas­sage at a Days Inn and got an assur­ance that he’d get his change in the morn­ing. Offi­cers warned the man about using such ser­vices, but told him there was noth­ing they could do. The motel was more proac­tive, putting the guy on their “do not rent” list. The guy was clearly hav­ing a bad week. One day ear­lier, he was put on the naughty list for drunk­enly curs­ing and spit­ting at peo­ple in a church park­ing lot … while wear­ing a Santa hat.

Luke, I am a moron — An Ore­gon man lost his shot at being cho­sen as a Jedi war­rior after he was arrested for run­ning around a Toys R Us park­ing lot attack­ing fel­low cus­tomers.  David Allen Can­ter­bury was bab­bling inco­her­ently when police arrived at the scene, and lunged at one cop with a toy light saber — which earned him a taser jolt. In an impres­sive dis­play of saber skills, he actu­ally man­aged to swipe the wires off his body, but was then tack­led to the ground. Can­ter­bury, 33, was taken to a local hos­pi­tal for a men­tal eval­u­a­tion — and a seri­ous Star Wars intervention.



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