Monday 12/19

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Stealing more than a kiss – We’ve heard of going to a drive-in movie on a date, but a drive-out movie? That was the idea hatched by a Florida man who bolted from a theater when the lights lowered and stole her car.  Michael Pratt told his date he needed to borrow her keys because he’d left something in her vehicle. When he didn’t return, she called his cell and he laughingly told her he’d ripped her off.  The car, which was actually a rental anyway, turned up in a parking lot four days later — and Pratt was arrested shortly thereafter. Pratt previously served more than a year in prison for the same charge.

 Bad Santa – It’s not easy getting green, as a 74-year-old Milwaukee man found out when he called cops to complain that he gave an escort a hundred dollar bill for “adult services,” and she never returned with 50 bucks in change as promised.  The man, who was not identified, says he paid an escort for a back massage at a Days Inn and got an assurance that he’d get his change in the morning. Officers warned the man about using such services, but told him there was nothing they could do. The motel was more proactive, putting the guy on their “do not rent” list. The guy was clearly having a bad week. One day earlier, he was put on the naughty list for drunkenly cursing and spitting at people in a church parking lot … while wearing a Santa hat.

Luke, I am a moron – An Oregon man lost his shot at being chosen as a Jedi warrior after he was arrested for running around a Toys R Us parking lot attacking fellow customers.  David Allen Canterbury was babbling incoherently when police arrived at the scene, and lunged at one cop with a toy light saber — which earned him a taser jolt. In an impressive display of saber skills, he actually managed to swipe the wires off his body, but was then tackled to the ground. Canterbury, 33, was taken to a local hospital for a mental evaluation — and a serious Star Wars intervention.



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