Monday 12/26

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Firefighters were needed stat after a flying squirrel went nuts in a New Jerseyhospital’s emergency room. The squirrel kept launching
itself from an 8-foot-high wall-mounted lamp into a glass wall after becoming trapped in a trauma room at Robert Wood Johnson
University Hospital.  A pair of firefighters threw a blanket over the squirrel and released it into a wooded area outside the hospital.

Police say a Kentucky father left his 6-month-old baby in a shopping cart after a trip to the supermarket.  The baby was left in the shopping cart for about 3 minutes before a couple spotted the baby and called police. The father, Steven Wilcox, drove about 3 blocks before realizing he was missing something. He quickly turned around, flagging down a police officer on his way back to the store. “He was totally distraught about it. He realized he had made a huge embarrassing mistake and it was an accident.  One that had no charges but was reported to Social Services.

Pittsburgh Police said the teenagers, two 14-yea r-olds, a 17-year-old and Isaiah Cutler, 18, took cash, candy and cigarettes worth a total of more than $9,000 from Elliot’s Town Market while the store was closed and posed a picture of themselves posing with their haul on Facebook less than an hour later. Police said they arrested the minors and are searching for Cutler, whose bedroom was the setting for the photograph.

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