Monday 1/23


A spir­ited argu­ment - A Wis­con­sin man didn’t have a ghost of a chance of get­ting police to believe his story about domes­tic vio­lence charges brought by his wife.  Michael West made the defense after cops arrived at his home in response to an emer­gency call. The vic­tim had said that the cou­ple was fight­ing over an immi­nent fore­clo­sure, and that West dared her to call 911 if she wanted to stop the argu­ment from esca­lat­ing. When she did, he flipped out. The offi­cers on scene said that West told them “a ghost” was respon­si­ble for the woman’s dis­tress, and noted he was vis­i­bly intox­i­cated at the time of the bust.

He nailed it! - An Illi­no­is­man is recov­er­ing after surgery to remove a 3 1/2-inch nail he didn’t real­ize he had inad­ver­tently shot into his brain! Dante Autullo, 32, was recov­er­ing Fri­day at Advo­cate Christ Med­ical Cen­ter in Oak Lawn after surgery to remove the nail and replace a con­t­a­m­i­nated piece of skull with mesh and tita­nium. He had shot the nail into his brain with a nail gun while work­ing in the garage Tues­day morn­ing. The nail gun had recoiled, bring­ing it against his head, and he thought the small wound was from con­tact with the gun. He then went to work! But the pain grew severe after a nap Wednes­day.  The nail was mil­lime­ters from the part of the brain that con­trols all motor func­tions, X-rays showed.  Autullo was awake and talk­ing Fri­day at the hos­pi­tal, where he was expected to remain three more days.

Flap­ping in the wind - Mil­ton Bur­rell, 28, Muncie, fled from a hos­pi­tal while in police cus­tody but was soon spot­ted by a Delaware­Coun­ty­deputy sher­iff who noticed “fresh foot­prints in the snow that were from a per­son with­out shoes. “The (Muncie, Ind.) Star-Press said a lack of footwear was not Burrell’s only prob­lem. He was wear­ing only a hos­pi­tal gown as he hus­tled across a street near the IU Health Ball Memo­r­ial Hos­pi­tal. Bur­rell, who had been sought for miss­ing a court date on a domestic-violence charge, was marched back to the hos­pi­tal and hand­cuffed to his bed, police said.

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