Monday 1/30

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That’s a lot of D’oh! —  A Lon­don man is about to have a cow — because he cre­ated a ball of glue that looks like Homer Simp­son, and has found some­one will­ing to spend 300 grand on it!  Christo­pher Her­bert says he came across the sticky blob while clean­ing out a cup­board, and was set to toss it when his girl­friend noticed it looked likeSpringfield’s most famous res­i­dent. He then decided to list it for sale “as a joke” — one that quickly turned into a poten­tially huge finan­cial trans­ac­tion. Her­bert admits, “I didn’t think any­one would actu­ally bid for an old bit of dried glue, even one that looks like Homer Simpson.”  

 A warm­ing tail — A Swedish man had quite a “tail” to tell his pals after he went to with­draw some cash from an ATM and ended up with a lit­tle some­thing extra.  Gho­lam Hafezi says he had just about com­pleted his trans­ac­tion and was wait­ing for his receipt when some­thing that “looked like a shoelace” popped out instead. He tugged, and soon found he was hold­ing a rodent’s tail!  When he went for help, a worker dis­as­sem­bled the machine’s gears and found the mouse stuck in the gears. Hafezi says he’s not sure if the rodent sur­vived, but says “it was still warm” when he left.

 fb sta­tus “dumb & busted” - Atlanta police spokes­woman Kim Jones said CNN secu­rity con­tacted police around 3:30 a.m. Fri­day to report there was “some­one in their secure area news­room” on the fifth floor of CNN Cen­ter. Jones said Aldayne Fearon, And Fran­cis Mutemwa, were arrested and charged with crim­i­nal tres­pass. The spokes­woman said the teenagers gained access to the news­room by climb­ing over a ledge from the Omni Hotel. Jones said the teenagers “started work­ing on two com­put­ers and at the time of their arrest, they were check­ing their Face­book pages on those com­put­ers,” she said.   Well, face­book may be a time sucker but who knew the time it was suck­ing was just enough to bust stu­pid peo­ple break­ing the law!

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