Monday 1/7

Mass­a­chu­setts police respond­ing to reports of teenagers toss­ing eggs at a house last month got quite a sur­prise when they tracked down the sus­pects. A depart­ment spokesman tells The MetroW­est Daily News the three peo­ple who egged the house in Fram­ing­ham were fel­low law enforce­ment offi­cers serv­ing with the New­ton police. They were off duty at the time. They told Fram­ing­ham police the egging inci­dent was “a prank, a joke between friends.” The home­owner is a New­ton police sergeant and their supe­rior offi­cer. He says is han­dling the mat­ter internally.No charges were filed, and the New­ton offi­cers were not pub­licly iden­ti­fied.

A bank rob­ber in Seat­tle made off with some loot on New Year’s Eve after telling a bank employee that he had a bomb. The next day, cops received a report that a man was engaged in lewd behav­ior out­side the car lot of the bank. One offi­cer noticed that the nasty man bore a strik­ing resem­blance to the rob­bery sus­pect. The crook, whose name was not released, con­fessed to the rob­bery – but not the lewd­ness. He insisted he was merely try­ing to adjust the pack­ages of money he’d hid­den in his pants when he was spotted.

Trav­el­ers at Atlanta’s air­port had a brush with dan­ger on Fri­day morn­ing when secu­rity offi­cers were called in to inves­ti­gate a sus­pi­ciously vibrat­ing bag. The airport’s North Ter­mi­nal was shut down for about 30 min­utes after receiv­ing the alarm and sent in a haz­ardous mate­ri­als squad to deal with the sus­pi­cious bag – – only to find that it con­tained noth­ing more sin­is­ter than an elec­tric tooth­brush that was running.

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