Monday 1/7

Massachusetts police responding to reports of teenagers tossing eggs at a house last month got quite a surprise when they tracked down the suspects. A department spokesman tells The MetroWest Daily News the three people who egged the house in Framingham were fellow law enforcement officers serving with the Newton police. They were off duty at the time. They told Framingham police the egging incident was “a prank, a joke between friends.” The homeowner is a Newton police sergeant and their superior officer. He says is handling the matter internally.No charges were filed, and the Newton officers were not publicly identified.

A bank robber in Seattle made off with some loot on New Year’s Eve after telling a bank employee that he had a bomb. The next day, cops received a report that a man was engaged in lewd behavior outside the car lot of the bank. One officer noticed that the nasty man bore a striking resemblance to the robbery suspect. The crook, whose name was not released, confessed to the robbery – but not the lewdness. He insisted he was merely trying to adjust the packages of money he’d hidden in his pants when he was spotted.

Travelers at Atlanta’s airport had a brush with danger on Friday morning when security officers were called in to investigate a suspiciously vibrating bag. The airport’s North Terminal was shut down for about 30 minutes after receiving the alarm and sent in a hazardous materials squad to deal with the suspicious bag – – only to find that it contained nothing more sinister than an electric toothbrush that was running.

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