Monday 2/20

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A California man got some positive, but unwanted feedback after selling an old safe on E-Bay. James Labreque put the safe, which had been sitting around unused, up for grabs because he had no room for it — and he didn’t have the combination in order to open it. The buyer gave Labreque a thumbs-up on the transaction — and shared the good news about the little cash bonus of $25,000 the buyer found inside. A frustrated Labreque asked for a cut of the dough, but was told “finders keepers.” He says, “If I was in that situation, I’d say, ‘Here man, I found this money. I’ll give you half of it.'”

A North Dakota man has been sentenced to six months in jail.  If you recall a freak news story in October, police said Daryl Lee Nikle asked three people in his home to turn down the volume on the TV just after 4 a.m. and fired his .44 Magnum handgun at the set when they refused. Investigators said the bullet went through the wall of his home.  Nikle was also ordered to undergo a chemical dependency evaluation.

If you’re a thief you’ll think twice about bumming a cigarette.  Massachusettspolice say a woman, whose purse was taken at knifepoint at theHeritageGardensapartment complex, recognized Malek Matos, ofFitchburg, when he asked her for a cigarette outside the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  Turns out she had been mugged earlier and the man got away with her purse.  The woman told RMV employees and they called police.  Matos was arrested and charged with armed robbery. He was ordered held in lieu of $5,000 bail.

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