Monday 2/27

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Would you like rum with those rocks? –  That seems to be the philosophy of aFlorida man who was nabbed stealing a bottle of Captain Morgan from a family home — while stark naked!  A 14-year-old girl spied Kennan Kleuesener in her kitchen sneaking off with the rum and told her dad, who apprehended the bare-butted boozer in his front yard and held him at gunpoint until cops arrived.

A dose of his own medicine – Cedrick Mitchell barged into a hotel room demanding that the occupants give him some pills! When they declined, he pulled a gun and told them to hand over “everything you got.” They fought back, subduing him with pepper spray and causing him to drop his weapon.  After clearing his head, Mitchell relatiated in a polite mood, offering 40 bucks for the return of his gun only to receive a counter-offer of more pepper spray. Officers responding to a 911 call from the men arrested Mitchell a short distance away.

Size does matter – A MN police officer said he saw Eric King drop a box of candy in a store parking lot. So he called out to King but he didn’t respond and the officer then noticed King was walking strangely. The officer drove up to King and honked his horn to get his attention, but King still did not respond. The officer got out of his car to confront King, who then reached into his pants, prompting the officer to handcuff him.  After King was handcuffed, the officer noticed a large rectangular object in King’s pants, (and he thought, “is he just happy to see me?  Nah…..”) which turned out to be a 19-inch, flat-screen television.  The officer also found other items, including a remote control, power cords and a bottle of brake fluid, on King.  A bottle of Xanax pills allegedly was found in his pocket.

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