Monday 2/27

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Would you like rum with those rocks? —  That seems to be the phi­los­o­phy of aFlorida man who was nabbed steal­ing a bot­tle of Cap­tain Mor­gan from a fam­ily home — while stark naked!  A 14-year-old girl spied Ken­nan Kleue­sener in her kitchen sneak­ing off with the rum and told her dad, who appre­hended the bare-butted boozer in his front yard and held him at gun­point until cops arrived.

A dose of his own med­i­cine - Cedrick Mitchell barged into a hotel room demand­ing that the occu­pants give him some pills! When they declined, he pulled a gun and told them to hand over “every­thing you got.” They fought back, sub­du­ing him with pep­per spray and caus­ing him to drop his weapon.  After clear­ing his head, Mitchell rela­ti­ated in a polite mood, offer­ing 40 bucks for the return of his gun only to receive a counter-offer of more pep­per spray. Offi­cers respond­ing to a 911 call from the men arrested Mitchell a short dis­tance away.

Size does mat­ter - A MN police offi­cer said he saw Eric King drop a box of candy in a store park­ing lot. So he called out to King but he didn’t respond and the offi­cer then noticed King was walk­ing strangely. The offi­cer drove up to King and honked his horn to get his atten­tion, but King still did not respond. The offi­cer got out of his car to con­front King, who then reached into his pants, prompt­ing the offi­cer to hand­cuff him.  After King was hand­cuffed, the offi­cer noticed a large rec­tan­gu­lar object in King’s pants, (and he thought, “is he just happy to see me?  Nah…..”) which turned out to be a 19-inch, flat-screen tele­vi­sion.  The offi­cer also found other items, includ­ing a remote con­trol, power cords and a bot­tle of brake fluid, on King.  A bot­tle of Xanax pills allegedly was found in his pocket.

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