Monday 2/6


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A muddy situation – A homeless man had been stuck in thick mud near theRio GrandeRiverinAlbuquerquefor three days. He was finally rescued after some high school students on a field trip heard him yelling for help.  However, the man’s newfound freedom wasn’t going to last. Police said he was wanted on a felony warrant.

You look vaugly familier – Florida authorities said an teenager charged last year with impersonating a physician’s assistant was arrested again for pretending to be a police officer!  Matthew Scheidt, 18 pulled his vehicle, which resembled an unmarked police car, next to an undercover police officer sitting in his vehicle. “The undercover officer made eye contact with the driver, and noticed that he was conducting himself as an officer, using a laptop, speaking with the officer using police jargon, and even advising the officer to buckle his seatbelt.” Police said Scheidt was found to be in possession of an Osceola County sheriff’s badge, deputies’ T-shirts, a .380-caliber Ruger handgun loaded with hollow-point bullets, a Taser X26 stun gun, a folding knife, handcuffs, a Motorola police radio and an ankle holster. Charges against Scheidt include grand theft.

Play me a song, you’re a drunk man – Cops found Santa An  a Zuloaga-Campuzano passed out in his SUV surrounded by empty beer cans. He admitted he had consumed eight beers, three shots of tequila and three shots of cognac, but declined to take a breath test, saying, “What’s the point, I know I’m drunk.” Shortly after being hauled in, the 30-year-old relieved himself on the floor, then treated officers to an air piano-accompanied song fest — all while handcuffed.

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