Monday 2/6


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A muddy sit­u­a­tion - A home­less man had been stuck in thick mud near the­Rio GrandeRiveri­nAl­bu­querque­for three days. He was finally res­cued after some high school stu­dents on a field trip heard him yelling for help.  How­ever, the man’s new­found free­dom wasn’t going to last. Police said he was wanted on a felony warrant.

You look vaugly fam­i­lier - Florida author­i­ties said an teenager charged last year with imper­son­at­ing a physician’s assis­tant was arrested again for pre­tend­ing to be a police offi­cer!  Matthew Scheidt, 18 pulled his vehi­cle, which resem­bled an unmarked police car, next to an under­cover police offi­cer sit­ting in his vehi­cle. “The under­cover offi­cer made eye con­tact with the dri­ver, and noticed that he was con­duct­ing him­self as an offi­cer, using a lap­top, speak­ing with the offi­cer using police jar­gon, and even advis­ing the offi­cer to buckle his seat­belt.” Police said Scheidt was found to be in pos­ses­sion of an Osce­ola County sheriff’s badge, deputies’ T-shirts, a .380-caliber Ruger hand­gun loaded with hollow-point bul­lets, a Taser X26 stun gun, a fold­ing knife, hand­cuffs, a Motorola police radio and an ankle hol­ster. Charges against Scheidt include grand theft.

Play me a song, you’re a drunk man — Cops found Santa An  a Zuloaga-Campuzano passed out in his SUV sur­rounded by empty beer cans. He admit­ted he had con­sumed eight beers, three shots of tequila and three shots of cognac, but declined to take a breath test, say­ing, “What’s the point, I know I’m drunk.” Shortly after being hauled in, the 30-year-old relieved him­self on the floor, then treated offi­cers to an air piano-accompanied song fest — all while handcuffed.

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