Monday 3/26

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Orange you obsessive? – Some gals have a thing for 24-karat gold, but one California woman has gone even further with her personal choice of adornment — covering herself with 35 carrot tattoos.  ZiZi Howell has been plastering her back, arms and belly with the crunchy orange veggies for several years — and the obsession doesn’t stop there. She even has her mom’s ashes stored in a carrot-shaped container and owns over 1000 carrot themed items!

Holy electric bill! – Most Americans believe in the power of God, but one Florida woman says she has absolute proof — thanks to a vivid image that showed up on an electric meter near her home. The woman, who was not identified, says that she was on her mobile home’s patio, engrossed in prayer, when she happened to glance over at the meter and saw an image of Jesus Christ. She called neighbors, many of whom came over to take photos of the image. She had no answer as to how the image got there but said, “Maybe it’s a sign of his soon-coming, or maybe it will help lift other people up.”  Or maybe she needs to put down the sacramental wine?

Dirty laundry – A Florida woman gave new meaning to “money laundering” by convincing some gullible neighbors that their cash had been contaminated by evil spirits — which she could wash off, for a fee.  Olivia Evans will spend 15 months behind bars for the crime, and will also have to return the money, which was apparently not evil enough for her to let it out of her sight. She’ll also be forced to return a bunch of expensive Rolex watches — which she collected by telling their owners that the crystals were vortexes that demons used as a portal in and out of hell.

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