Monday 4/16

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Lia­son in the Loo - A “Missed Con­nec­tions” post­ing appeared on Web site Craigslist from a woman who wore “blue hair, sil­ver tube top, fish­nets, (and) knee high black biker boots” to the recent Motorhead/Megadeth con­cert at the Aragon Ball­room in Chicago, is seek­ing a red-mohawked man with “black pen­ta­gram gauges” and “viper pierc­ings” who engaged in a bath­room tryst with her dur­ing the show. “Any­way, I’m preg­nant. It’s yours. Con­tact me, if you want to be part of the child’s life,” the post­ing ends. It is unknown whether the cou­ple has recon­nected or whether the entire post­ing was a hoax, the news­pa­per said.

When you gotta go…. — Melissa Mans­field allegedly stole a car from a man in the­Florida Keys, and she made it a cou­ple hun­dred miles before nature called. She pulled onto the shoul­der and started reliev­ing her­self, and that attracted the atten­tion of the trooper.Mansfield said the car was her boyfriend’s, but a quick run of the license plate turned up the truth — she’d taken it from some guy’s dri­ve­way. Not sur­pris­ingly, the trooper also found mul­ti­ple open beer bot­tles in the car.

Wig­gle it just a lit­tle bit  - If there is a way to scar chil­dren, this man fig­ured it out. Gainesville police said Zot Lynn Szur­got, 52, walked out­side com­pletely nude in view of five peo­ple includ­ing a 10-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl and shook gen­i­tals at them! The­Gainesville Sun reported Fri­day. Szur­got, who was charged with two counts of lewd and las­civ­i­ous behav­ior and three counts of inde­cent expo­sure, was taken to theAlachua­County jail in lieu of $6,500 bail.

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