Monday 4/2

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Caught blue handed - A Swedish teenager was caught steal­ing money from his job when police added an invis­i­ble pow­der to the cash.  A few days after the trap was laid, one of the teen’s co-workers noticed the kid walk­ing around the com­pany with blue hands.  The teenager was charged Thurs­day to the theft of $3,323 between August and Octo­ber last year

Who dat? - Police detec­tive Brian McIn­tyre received a text mes­sage say­ing “Who are you?” from a num­ber he didn’t rec­og­nize. McIn­tyre responded with a sim­i­lar ques­tion.  McIn­tyre said there was no response until  two days later. “And it said ‘Come get me,’ and then a not-so-nice word,” he said. “I was like, oh, that sounds like a crim­i­nal. “McIn­tyre said he plugged the num­ber into a police com­puter and dis­cov­ered it belonged to Jason Wrenchy, 29, a man McIn­tyre had pre­vi­ously arrested for bur­glary and drugs. He said Wrenchy had two out­stand­ing war­rants on felony charges.“We just decided I’ll text him and see if he wants to meet me some­where,” he said. McIn­tyre said he was shocked when Wrenchy mes­saged back with an address, but not as shocked as the sus­pect was when he found him­self under arrest.

Junk in his trunk - Author­i­ties in Florida said a father and son face charges. Day­tona Beach police said the 1995 Pon­tiac Fire­bird, which had been reported stolen in Jan­u­ary, was stopped out­side the Day­tona Fam­ily Mar­ket.  The dri­ver, Robert Smith Jr., 37, told offi­cers a friend from­Bowl­ing Green,Ky., where the car was reported stolen, had let him use the vehi­cle to visit his father.  Police thought it was fishy and asked to search the car and dis­cov­ered a mobile meth lab in the trunk of the car and arrested Smith and his father, Robert Smith Sr., 72, on charges of man­u­fac­tur­ing and pos­ses­sion of metham­phet­a­mine. The younger man was also charged with grand theft auto.

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