Monday 5/14

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A pair of wanna-be carjackers inWashington, D.C, found that their getaway was anything but automatic. The men forced the driver and passenger out of the car and into the trunk, but brought one out to drive when confronted with the stick shift. While he drove them part-way to their destination, he bolted the scene, leaving them to fend for themselves — and leaving his female friend in the trunk. The carjackers tried to master the stick in one easy lesson, but failed and took off themselves.


A Florida man who hit the high seas in order to bring home a seafood dinner managed to do just that on dry land — by taking his trawler to a supermarket. The unidentified trawler drove up to the market towing his fishing boat and headed straight to the seafood corner, where he and a pal ordered up a mess of chow. While his pal piled his portion of the take into a shopping cart and wandered away, the felonious fisherman decided he’d like his shrimp stuffed — into his shorts, that is. The shrimp-stealing sailor remains at large.  


A Florida woman had a taste of true love, so she tried to get one more — by biting a chunk out of her boyfriend’s leg when he tried to break up with her. The 41-year-old woman, who was not identified, was said to be “highly intoxicated” when she ended an argument with her live in beau by dropping to all fours and gnawing on his leg hard enough to draw blood. When he ran, dripping precious fluids, she grabbed a paintball gun and threatened him with that. Neighbors who heard the commotion called cops, and the woman was arrested on assault and battery charges.

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