Monday 5/21

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Chris Kuhn, an offi­cial in Germany’s Green Party, tried to board the flight while car­ry­ing a full-sized axe — which he insisted he was just try­ing to deliver to a friend. When ques­tioned fur­ther, Kuhn said the thing wasn’t even a real weapon, merely a prop designed to be used in a role play­ing game. But that excuse didn’t cut it — and he had to pay 50 bucks to check it.

Police in south­west Idaho say a man chose briefs over box­ers to wear on his head as he held up a cof­fee shop and stole a safe. Cof­fee shop owner Jason Wil­son tells the Idaho States­man says he believes the man was likely not pre­pared when he entered Big Star Cof­fee with accom­plice.  Wilsonasked: “Who robs some­thing with under­wear on their head?”  Appar­ently these guys…and they’re still at large. Inves­ti­ga­tors say the two bur­glars made off with about $500 in cash that was inside the safe.  I really hope they had an extra pair and didn’t just whip on the pair they were wearing.

Christo­pher Slate and Sean Mosey ordered plenty of onions on their McDon­alds burg­ers but they got fewer onions than they’d wanted. They pro­ceeded to get stink­ing drunk, then returned to the restau­rant and threw bricks through both the front win­dow and the drive-thru win­dow. Mosey tripped and fell while flee­ing the scene and was unable to get up — a sta­tus that also earned him a pub­lic intox­i­ca­tion charge.

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