Monday 5/21

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Chris Kuhn, an official in Germany’s Green Party, tried to board the flight while carrying a full-sized axe — which he insisted he was just trying to deliver to a friend. When questioned further, Kuhn said the thing wasn’t even a real weapon, merely a prop designed to be used in a role playing game. But that excuse didn’t cut it — and he had to pay 50 bucks to check it.

Police in southwest Idaho say a man chose briefs over boxers to wear on his head as he held up a coffee shop and stole a safe. Coffee shop owner Jason Wilson tells the Idaho Statesman says he believes the man was likely not prepared when he entered Big Star Coffee with accomplice.  Wilsonasked: “Who robs something with underwear on their head?”  Apparently these guys…and they’re still at large. Investigators say the two burglars made off with about $500 in cash that was inside the safe.  I really hope they had an extra pair and didn’t just whip on the pair they were wearing.

Christopher Slate and Sean Mosey ordered plenty of onions on their McDonalds burgers but they got fewer onions than they’d wanted. They proceeded to get stinking drunk, then returned to the restaurant and threw bricks through both the front window and the drive-thru window. Mosey tripped and fell while fleeing the scene and was unable to get up — a status that also earned him a public intoxication charge.

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