Monday 5/7

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That drunky monkey – Eugene Kotelman blew past a trooper’s checkpoint without seeing the cruiser, but did pull over without incident. When he did, the deputy found him to be extremely inebriated, with a small monkey riding shotgun!  Kotelman, who has a lengthy record peppered with DUI convictions, was ordered held on $5,000 bond. The monkey was not charged, and was turned over to one of his friends for safe keeping.

How to cook a couch potato – Cheval Silva of Edwards County, TX said he fell asleep while watching TV with his 5-year-old granddaughter and he awoke thinking his house had been shot by a hunter.  He felt “Searing pain in my right foot, and when I woke up, I could see the room kind of exploded,” he said. Silva said he scooped up his granddaughter to get her out of harm’s way and she quickly pointed out he was on fire. The grandfather said he was told a bolt of lightning had entered his body through his shoulder and exited through his foot! “I’m awful glad my granddaughter is safe and I’m glad I still have my legs, but I’m sure going to miss that chair,” said Silva, who suffered some nerve damage. He said he plans to install lightning rods on his home.

The gig is up –Bremerton,WA police said officers were called to aPitt Avenue home around 3 in the morning. The homeowners told them they had awakened to the sound of a burglar in the house and they chased him off with a gun. The next afternoon the homeowner got an unexpected phone call from the thief who left something behind and offered to trade some of the items he had taken from their home for a bag which incidentally, contained papers bearing his name! The homeowners agreed and the burglar arrived at the home to find police waiting for him.

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