Monday 6/11


An Oregon woman with a whole lot of relationship baggage was busted for trespassing.  Cops searched Curtis Lowe’s apartment on a top that he had kidnapped a woman, and found Kola McGrath inside an oversized pink bag — but it turns out she had climbed in voluntarily. McGrath had been banned from accessing the apartment complex because of an incident in which she broke a fire extinguisher case during an argument. The building’s owners decided they wanted to press charges, and she was booked for trespassing.

 Raymond Kulma was rolling erratically down the side of a road nearUtica when a cop pulled him over for questioning — and found his blood alcohol level to be more than three times the legal limit. His rap sheet includes seven previous busts for drunk driving — none, as far as the record shows, in a wheelchair. The deputy also found that Kulma wasn’t the rightful owner of the chair, which belonged to another resident of the assisted living complex he lives in. Kulma, who hasn’t had a valid license for 19 years, was charged with theft and drunk driving.

Decatur police said the 54-year-old suspect, whose name was not released, was caught trying to steal items from a Kroger store and police discovered the man’s vehicle contained packages of Angus top sirloin and Angus London broil meat that had earlier been taken from another Kroger store.  A review of surveillance tapes from the store revealed the man had taken the meat by shoving two packages down his pants and returning five minutes later to shove another two packages down. Police said they also discovered the car  the man was using had been reported stolen.

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