Monday 6/18

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  1 technology 0 jewel thief!  Authorities said a Murrieta woman arrived home around 1 p.m. and an intruder fled from inside her garage when she opened the door.  The woman discovered a safe from her bedroom had been taken to the garage and jewelry and cash were missing from inside the home. Police said the woman also discovered a cell phone she didn’t recognize in her bedroom.  Lo and behold officers traced the device to Kyle Thomas Lankford, the thief, of Menifee. He was arrested.

 A Washington state man said he does not know the origins of the giant ice chunk that crashed though his roof and into his home. Sam Edmon said he was in bed at 11 p.m. when he heard a noise that sounded like an explosion.  Edmon said he investigated the next morning and found a hole in his roof surrounded by wet insulation and chunks of ice. The homeowner said he suspected the ice came off the wing of a plane, but the Federal Aviation Administration told him there were no planes over his house at the time of the incident. Edmond, who said a piece of airplane engine landed in his back yard in 1984, said the repair bill from the ice
crash was just under $1,000.

A truck driver texted his bosses to say that he’d be unable to deliver his load because he was being held hostage — but neglected to mention that his captors were named Jack Daniels and Jim Beam. Thomas James Conner said two men with guns took his keys and told him to stay with the truck until they returned to steal it and the load of berries he was transporting. When cops arrived to investigate the situation, they found Conner and another man about a quarter mile away, wandering alongside the highway, drunk. He now faces charges of driving while intoxicated, unlawful possession of an open container and filing a false police report.

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