Monday 7/2

FREAK NEWS 07022012

A Florida man was arrested on mis­de­meanor assault charges after a fight in which he threat­ened to kick a neighbor’s butt – as soon as he emp­tied his own. Robert Gabriel Ger­not was curs­ing out his own mother when a neigh­bor heard the nasty words and tried to inter­vene, lead­ing the 53-year-old to turn his atten­tion towards him. That argu­ment became heated enough that cops arrived to break it up, at which point Ger­not walked away, but yelled back, “When I get done tak­ing a [dump], I am going to kick your [butt].”  No word on if it came out ok but it was enough to earn Ger­not a trip to the pokey where, pre­sum­ably, he got a cell that allowed him to ful­fill that desire.

Doc­tors in India exam­ined a man suf­fer­ing from eye irri­ta­tion. PK Krish­na­murthy, 75, had taken med­ica­tion for eye dis­com­fort, but went back to a Mum­bai hos­pi­tal when his eye prob­lems con­tin­ued. Dr.s found a five-inch worm liv­ing inside his eye socket. He said the man may have ingested the worm in poorly cooked food, allow­ing it to travel through his blood­stream and set­tle in his right eye. Krish­na­murthy is feel­ing bet­ter, doc­tors say, and the worm died 30 min­utes after surgery.

 Four peo­ple have been arrested in North Car­olina after they mis­tak­enly called the wrong per­son about drug pur­chases. Deputy Jag­ger Naves was awak­ened by four calls to his cell phone around 4 a.m. Some of the calls com­plained about the quan­tity of drugs they had pur­chased and wanted him to cor­rect the prob­lem. Naves arranged to meet two of the callers and later met with two other callers else­where. The duputy cor­rected the prob­lem and arrested all suspects.

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