Monday 7/2

FREAK NEWS 07022012

A Florida man was arrested on misdemeanor assault charges after a fight in which he threatened to kick a neighbor’s butt – as soon as he emptied his own. Robert Gabriel Gernot was cursing out his own mother when a neighbor heard the nasty words and tried to intervene, leading the 53-year-old to turn his attention towards him. That argument became heated enough that cops arrived to break it up, at which point Gernot walked away, but yelled back, “When I get done taking a [dump], I am going to kick your [butt].”  No word on if it came out ok but it was enough to earn Gernot a trip to the pokey where, presumably, he got a cell that allowed him to fulfill that desire.

Doctors in India examined a man suffering from eye irritation. PK Krishnamurthy, 75, had taken medication for eye discomfort, but went back to a Mumbai hospital when his eye problems continued. Dr.s found a five-inch worm living inside his eye socket. He said the man may have ingested the worm in poorly cooked food, allowing it to travel through his bloodstream and settle in his right eye. Krishnamurthy is feeling better, doctors say, and the worm died 30 minutes after surgery.

 Four people have been arrested in North Carolina after they mistakenly called the wrong person about drug purchases. Deputy Jagger Naves was awakened by four calls to his cell phone around 4 a.m. Some of the calls complained about the quantity of drugs they had purchased and wanted him to correct the problem. Naves arranged to meet two of the callers and later met with two other callers elsewhere. The duputy corrected the problem and arrested all suspects.

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