Monday 7/23

Mind was overcome by matter at a self-help seminar when participants scorched their feet during a motivational walk across hot coals. The San Jose Fire Department swooped in and treated “several” people for burn injuries, reports the Mercury News. The event was hosted by feel-good guru Tony Robbins and held at the San Jose Convention Center. The injuries occurred during a portion called “The Firewalk Experience” which involves strolling over coals heated between 1,200 and 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

 Wildlife officials in Utah are hoping a civilian acts like a hero – by turning in a man wanted for impersonating a goat. The rangers became aware of the b-a-a-a-ad behavior after someone took to a photo sharing website to post pictures of a man dressed head to hoof in a goat outfit, mingling with the real-life critters that populate the mountains around the town of Ogden. While there’s not an official law on the books against it, authorities say that the person is putting himself in danger, since goats tend to be aggressive in protecting their territory.  When asked if he knew the reason for the bizarre game of dress-up, a spokesman for the Division of Wildlife Resources said, “I’ve been trying to figure that all day.”

Police and the Miami community had been horrified at the initial report that Rene Betancourt had been jumped in a parking garage and beaten to a pulp by four assailants; however, surveillance video from the scene has revealed his injuries actually came from a head-on collision with a column. Surveillance video showed the 22-year-old rider lying apparently unconscious for 5 minutes before he hobbled to his car, where his parents found him slumped in the seat.  Betancourt told police he had been attacked, which set off a high-profile manhunt for the reputed assailants and raised outrage among fellow skaters. Although the story abruptly changed, police told the Herald they were unlikely to charge
Betancourt with any crimes due to the severity of his head injuries which landed him in a hospital for 10 days

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