Monday 7/30

A New Mexico man was hauled in by cops after he drunkenly crashed his car in a neighbor’s yard, and proceeded to water her lawn – in an unconventional, unsanitary manner. The man, whose name was not released, drove into a decorative wall at the side of the woman’s house, knocking down a 60-foot section, and emerged from the vehicle unhurt. According to eyewitnesses, he staggered a few feet away, then unzipped his pants and urinated over a wide swath of the lawn. Sarah Bonneau says the man showed up the next morning to apologize, and admit he didn’t remember anything about the incident.


The phrase “inflated body count’ took on new meaning for 18 cops in China’s Shandong Province.  The incident happened when officers responded to a report that there was a lady in distress in one of the province’s rivers. The crew worked frantically for nearly an hour to rescue the woman, according to Digital Journal, and in the process, attracted a crowd of about 1,000 curious, excited and anxious spectators to the scene. It took more than 40 minutes before the officers were able to  confirm that they had indeed run around in a panic for nearly an hour over trying to rescue someone’s blow-up girlfriend, the police presented it to the anxious crowd, whoquickly covered their children’s eyes and walked away..


A Florida man decided that the answer to the age-old question “What would Jesus do?” is “Attack his neighbor with a tire iron.”  Kenneth David Peterson, who claims to be Jesus, was charged with aggravated stalking and assault after telling his next door neighbor that he was going after him with the tool because he could tell the man was the Anti-Christ. Peterson has made the charge several times before, while busting up Fred Padilla’s car with the same tire iron and shooting at him with a BB gun. While cops have been called to Peterson’s home nine times because of the bizarre behavior, they’ve cited a lack of hard evidence for his not serving any time. Padilla told a reporter, “This is heading for a really bad ending.”

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