Monday 8/13

Bran­don Tudor, said he was dri­ving along U.S. High­way 30 near Big Rock when bird poop hit the wind­shield of his 1996 Cadil­lac Seville and he imme­di­ately saw a resem­blance pop icon Michael Jack­son!  So, he’s put it on eBay with a min­i­mum start­ing bid for the wind­shield is set at $. Until the auc­tion closes, Tudor is keep­ing the bird poop image cov­ered in plas­tic to pro­tect it from wash­ing away and park­ing his car in a garage. Kinda looks more like Jack White to me.…

Ten­nessee man Allen Brooks was busted after plac­ing sev­eral calls to 911 over a 12 hour period, some of which were unin­tel­li­gi­ble, but one of which was crys­tal clear – a demand to be dri­ven to the store to pur­chase a few brewskis. Brooks was warned to stop, and told he’d get off with just the warn­ing if he did, but he pur­sued the mat­ter, so things came to a head and got a ride but it wasn’t to the gro­cery store.

Tamala Gris­sett had allegedly stolen more than a thou­sand dol­lars worth of mer­chan­dise from a Cincinnati-area Macy’s when cops nabbed her – only to have her hand over a fake I.D., threaten to kill the arrest­ing offi­cer and finally (since nei­ther of those worked) she pre­tended to go into labor. She turned on her act­ing skills to mimic labor pains, and did well enough that deputies began prepar­ing papers to trans­fer her to a hos­pi­tal unit at which point she made a dash for the door.  From there, she went to the only log­i­cal place – McDonald’s. She was arrested there and charged with escape, aggra­vated men­ac­ing, obstruct­ing offi­cial busi­ness and theft.  Turns out the labor pains were gas pains.

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