Monday 8/27

Susanne Eman of Casa Grande, Arizona is vying to become ‘World’s Fattest Woman Ever’ by eating more than 20,000 calories per day. The 32-year-old mother of 2 aims to surpass 1,600 lbs by her 40s by consuming enough food to fill 6 grocery carts per week. At 728 lbs, she’s already surpassed the previous living record holder, Donna Simpson of New Jersey, who tipped the scales at 700 lbs. Now in her sights: all-time record-holder Carol Yager of Flint, Michigan, who’s believed to have peaked at 1,596 lbs before she died in 1994 at age 34.

Two would-be good Samaritans in New Jersey went the extra mile to restrain a man who was apparently robbing a woman on a deserted street.  The two vigilantes were driving by when they saw a scuffle on the street and jumped on the dude, who was intoxicated and not fluent in English, giving the 20-something thug-ette time to bolt. But when cops arrived to question the crew, they discovered that the man was actually the victim, and had lost hundreds of dollars in cash and an expensive gold chain. The woman is still at large, but cops hope a surveillance video will help catch her.

Marcus Banwell shoplifted several items from a supermarket, including a bottle of juice, a canned milkshake and several scotch bonnet peppers — which are about 100 times hotter than jalapenos. He popped one into his mouth outside the shop, and immediately doubled over in pain, allowing cops to arrive on the scene to bust him — for the stolen food as well as possession of crack cocaine and heroin, which he had tucked into a pocket. The arrest was the 43rd for Banwell, whose record dates back more than two decades.

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