Monday 8/6

An uniden­ti­fied elderly woman was get­ting fed up with dri­vers speed­ing past a cross­walk near her home in China. Local cops offered lit­tle help, so the resource­ful granny tried slow­ing down dri­vers with the aid of a strate­gi­cally posi­tioned inflat­able girl­friend.  She tied it to a tree next to the cross­walk, appar­ently hop­ing that rub­ber­neck­ing motorists would slow down at the sight. Which appar­ently worked…

Imag­ine look­ing online to pur­chase say a new toaster and a pic­ture of your baby pops up for sale!  This is what hap­pened to an uniden­ti­fied Cana­dian woman when she found an online ad offer­ing her baby for sale based on pho­tos she’d posted on Face­book!  RCMP Sgt. Steve Per­ret says ad had been removed this week and elec­tronic foren­sic inves­ti­ga­tors had a sus­pect, “To me, this looks like a case of somebody’s twisted or per­verted sense of humor, by post­ing these types of ads try­ing to sell some­body else’s child,” he said. “Addi­tion­ally there was an ad where he was try­ing to sell a dead dog.”

A 30-year-old Atlanta woman is OK after acci­den­tally swal­low­ing a but­ter knife. WHAT?  The woman was appar­ently demon­strat­ing to a friend that she no longer had a gag reflex because of her his­tory with bulimia. Dur­ing her exhi­bi­tion, she laughed and acci­den­tally swal­lowed the knife.  She was rushed to the hos­pi­tal where doc­tors per­formed a surgery to remove the knife with­out dam­ag­ing the woman’s throat or stom­ach.  How­ever, her hus­band later revealed the woman had swal­lowed a knife four years ago and she was then trans­ferred to a psy­chi­atric unit, the doc­tors said.

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