Monday 9/10

Doc­tors at a clinic in France say a boy won­dered why his leg was not heal­ing prop­erly after a May bicy­cle crash. This week, doc­tors dis­cov­ered a nearly 3-inch long brake lever lodged deep in his leg, The reported Friday.The boy, whose name was given only as Dylan, under­went surgery this week to remove the for­eign object.

It was just a small desert home near Twen­ty­nine Palms, Cal­i­for­nia, but it was all paid for, and Alvin and Pat Tjosaas intended on spend­ing their retire­ment there. Too bad Wells Fargo decided to fore­close on it any­way. The bank sent sub­con­trac­tors to the wrong address, and despite a dif­fer­ent name appear­ing on the fore­clo­sure notice, the sub­con­trac­tors took any­thing valuable—including a garage full of heir­looms and Tjosaas’ mason tools—then smashed the win­dows, tore down walls, and left the home in ruins.  Alvin Tjosaas, a retired mason, helped his father build the house in 1961, when he was just 14 years old. “I know every inch, every rock,” he said. “My mom mixed all the cement by hand.” Wells Fargo apol­o­gized and offered the cou­ple $260,000 in compensation—but only after TV news out­lets started ask­ing questions

Police say they finally got their man Thurs­day after a high-speed chase and footrace left him wedged in a tight spot between two build­ings in San Jose, Calif. The sus­pect, iden­ti­fied as Arturo Corona, 32, became stuck in an 18-inch space between the build­ings after allegedly flee­ing the scene of a crash after a high-speed chase.  It took  fire­fight­ers about 90 min­utes to pull Corona out of the space using lad­ders and ropes. Corona, wear­ing only a trash bag when fire­fight­ers found him, likely either jumped or fell off one of the build­ings and became stuck about 20 feet down, police said.Corona told police he was being chased by two men bran­dish­ing knives before he became wedged between the build­ings.  Wait…why was he wear­ing a trashbag?

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