Monday 9/17

The Orlando Sen­tinel reports a black cat popped out of its owner’s suit­case when Ethel Maze unzipped her bag after check­ing into her hotel at Dis­ney World in Orlando, FL after a flight from Ohio!  Appaently, Bob-Bob didn’t want to be left behind and jumped in as she was pack­ing.  Maze says the 14-month-old cat was shaken but still purring. Maybe he heard about the giant mouse?   Mike Groleau, who han­dled the bags for the group, says he thought he saw the bag move, but loaded it along with the other bags head­ing to Orlando.

Car­o­line Rob­boy was out shop­ping in Philadel­phia with her elderly-in-laws and three kids when her recently potty-trained two-year-old son, Nathaniel, said he needed to go to the bath­room. Rob­boy asked a store employee to use a restroom but was told they were not open to the pub­lic. But appar­ently lit­tle Nathaniel couldn’t hold it any­more. He took mat­ters into his own hands … and relieved him­self on a lamp­post. A police offi­cer saw the crime go down − and came over and gave Rob­boy a $50 ticket

We’ve all got skele­tons in the closet, but a South Car­olina woman was shocked to find that she had some­thing even worse – an ex in the attic!  The woman, iden­ti­fied only as “Tracy,” says that she’d dated the man for about a year, but ended the rela­tion­ship more than a decade ago when he was con­victed for rob­bing a local florist. She hadn’t been in touch with him for ages, but re-established con­tact briefly last year when he helped her with a home improve­ment project, then dis­ap­peared again .“Tracy” says that her nephew, who lives in her house, found the man sleep­ing in a heat­ing unit in the attic – and says she was “flab­ber­gasted” at his pres­ence, not­ing that it seemed he was peep­ing into her bed­room through a vent. The man ran off before police could arrive to ques­tion him.

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