Monday 9/17

The Orlando Sentinel reports a black cat popped out of its owner’s suitcase when Ethel Maze unzipped her bag after checking into her hotel at Disney World in Orlando, FL after a flight from Ohio!  Appaently, Bob-Bob didn’t want to be left behind and jumped in as she was packing.  Maze says the 14-month-old cat was shaken but still purring. Maybe he heard about the giant mouse?   Mike Groleau, who handled the bags for the group, says he thought he saw the bag move, but loaded it along with the other bags heading to Orlando.

Caroline Robboy was out shopping in Philadelphia with her elderly-in-laws and three kids when her recently potty-trained two-year-old son, Nathaniel, said he needed to go to the bathroom. Robboy asked a store employee to use a restroom but was told they were not open to the public. But apparently little Nathaniel couldn’t hold it anymore. He took matters into his own hands … and relieved himself on a lamppost. A police officer saw the crime go down − and came over and gave Robboy a $50 ticket

We’ve all got skeletons in the closet, but a South Carolina woman was shocked to find that she had something even worse – an ex in the attic!  The woman, identified only as “Tracy,” says that she’d dated the man for about a year, but ended the relationship more than a decade ago when he was convicted for robbing a local florist. She hadn’t been in touch with him for ages, but re-established contact briefly last year when he helped her with a home improvement project, then disappeared again .”Tracy” says that her nephew, who lives in her house, found the man sleeping in a heating unit in the attic – and says she was “flabbergasted” at his presence, noting that it seemed he was peeping into her bedroom through a vent. The man ran off before police could arrive to question him.

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