Monday 9/24

A pair of broth­ers from Wis­con­sin was arrested after a game of “Mad­den NFL” turned into a phys­i­cal alter­ca­tion, police said. Michael & Abrey May­weather were play­ing a game of “Mad­den NFL” in Abrey’s apart­ment when Michael became upset about los­ing and his brother’s name call­ing.  Res­i­dents of the apart­ment build­ing called police when the broth­ers began fight­ing in the hall­way. The two report­edly ripped the apart­ment door off its hinges after Michael attempted to lock Abrey out of his own apart­ment. When police arrived, Abrey allegedly told them Michael choked him and had punched him in the face, the report said. Both broth­ers were arrested at the scene and charged with domes­tic abuse.

A New York col­lege stu­dent Jesse Scott Owen said he was walk­ing in the city around noon when a mat­tress fell 30 sto­ries from a build­ing and hit him on the head! He said the impact knocked him uncon­scious. “I woke up and peo­ple were putting me on the mat­tress,” he said. “I asked where the mat­tress came from and they said, ‘You were knocked out by it.” Wit­nesses said the mat­tress may have been car­ried by winds from the rooftop spa.  A man­ager at the spa did not respond to an email request­ing a comment.

A for­mer real estate agent leaped into a tiger’s den at the Bronx Zoo planned to be “one with the tiger.” David Vil­lalo­bos, 25, told the offi­cers who saved him that he even pet­ted 11-year-old Bachuta—a 400-pound male Amur tiger—after the cat tried haul­ing him away! As for his bro­ken leg, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne says, “No one should be sur­prised he landed on all fours con­sid­er­ing his pas­sion for cats.” Vil­lalo­bos, still recu­per­at­ing in a hos­pi­tal, will prob­a­bly be charged with trespassing.

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