Monday 9/24

A pair of brothers from Wisconsin was arrested after a game of “Madden NFL” turned into a physical altercation, police said. Michael & Abrey Mayweather were playing a game of “Madden NFL” in Abrey’s apartment when Michael became upset about losing and his brother’s name calling.  Residents of the apartment building called police when the brothers began fighting in the hallway. The two reportedly ripped the apartment door off its hinges after Michael attempted to lock Abrey out of his own apartment. When police arrived, Abrey allegedly told them Michael choked him and had punched him in the face, the report said. Both brothers were arrested at the scene and charged with domestic abuse.

A New York college student Jesse Scott Owen said he was walking in the city around noon when a mattress fell 30 stories from a building and hit him on the head! He said the impact knocked him unconscious. “I woke up and people were putting me on the mattress,” he said. “I asked where the mattress came from and they said, ‘You were knocked out by it.” Witnesses said the mattress may have been carried by winds from the rooftop spa.  A manager at the spa did not respond to an email requesting a comment.

A former real estate agent leaped into a tiger’s den at the Bronx Zoo planned to be “one with the tiger.” David Villalobos, 25, told the officers who saved him that he even petted 11-year-old Bachuta—a 400-pound male Amur tiger—after the cat tried hauling him away! As for his broken leg, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne says, “No one should be surprised he landed on all fours considering his passion for cats.” Villalobos, still recuperating in a hospital, will probably be charged with trespassing.

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