More fun than a bug in your eye

A Geor­gia man bugged out after an insect flew into his eye. Ryan Cole­man was report­edly highly agi­tated and inco­her­ent when bug in the eyehe ran over to a pass­ing patrol car to ask if he could use the side­view mir­ror to check his eye. He con­tin­ued ram­bling, which caused the offi­cer to grow sus­pi­cious and ask for ID. Cole­man said he couldn’t find it, but handed his wal­let to the deputy to look for him­self, reveal­ing a meth pipe stuck in his waist­band in the process. Cole­man tried (but failed) to break the pipe and a strug­gle ensued, in which the cop found a two-foot sword par­tially con­cealed in the 37-year-old’s pants. Cole­man was booked on charges of drug pos­ses­sion and obstruc­tion of justice.


Atten­tion pas­sen­gers, please make sure your seat is in the upright posi­tion, your seat belt is fas­tened and your arms are attached. 47 pas­sen­gers aboard a recent flight from Eng­land to North­ern Ire­land expe­ri­enced a bumpy land­ing, but it could have been much worse. Upon descent, a jet oper­ated by the low-cost regional air­line Flybe was hit by a gust of wind, which caused it to jerk sud­denly. The pilot’s pros­thetic arm became detached in the process, but he was able to land using one hand. No one was hurt and the plane wasn’t damaged.


Jail­bird Crys­tal Stephens worked out her get out of jail free card when she spot­ted a slip of paper sport­ing her cellmate’s card num­ber, expi­ra­tion date and other per­ti­nent info. She copied it down and called a bail bonds­man to give him the details, get­ting her­self sprung from the pokey in a mat­ter of hours – after which she used the card to buy a one-way plane ticket out of town. The vic­tim, who also man­aged to get out on bail, called cops to go after Stephens – who’s now bank­ing on a trial for grand theft and fraud.

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