More fun than a bug in your eye

A Georgia man bugged out after an insect flew into his eye. Ryan Coleman was reportedly highly agitated and incoherent when bug in the eyehe ran over to a passing patrol car to ask if he could use the sideview mirror to check his eye. He continued rambling, which caused the officer to grow suspicious and ask for ID. Coleman said he couldn’t find it, but handed his wallet to the deputy to look for himself, revealing a meth pipe stuck in his waistband in the process. Coleman tried (but failed) to break the pipe and a struggle ensued, in which the cop found a two-foot sword partially concealed in the 37-year-old’s pants. Coleman was booked on charges of drug possession and obstruction of justice.


Attention passengers, please make sure your seat is in the upright position, your seat belt is fastened and your arms are attached. 47 passengers aboard a recent flight from England to Northern Ireland experienced a bumpy landing, but it could have been much worse. Upon descent, a jet operated by the low-cost regional airline Flybe was hit by a gust of wind, which caused it to jerk suddenly. The pilot’s prosthetic arm became detached in the process, but he was able to land using one hand. No one was hurt and the plane wasn’t damaged.


Jailbird Crystal Stephens worked out her get out of jail free card when she spotted a slip of paper sporting her cellmate’s card number, expiration date and other pertinent info. She copied it down and called a bail bondsman to give him the details, getting herself sprung from the pokey in a matter of hours – after which she used the card to buy a one-way plane ticket out of town. The victim, who also managed to get out on bail, called cops to go after Stephens – who’s now banking on a trial for grand theft and fraud.

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