Mosquitos bum rush morning show

mosquitoLouise Minchin, a co-presenter on the “BBC Breakfast” show, was supposed to put her arm through some netting covering a hole in a box of mosquitoes to find out which one of the morning-show crew they preferred to munch on. Instead, she tore the netting, sending mosquitoes pouring into the studio and sent the show’s producers into pest-control mode.  She sat there laughing while her co-host swatted the mosquitoes in mock horror. 

This wasn’t the sort of help Christopher A. Pilarski was looking for. The man stayed late at the Goodenow Grove Nature Preserve. He returned to his car only to find the gate locked, so he called the police. They found out that he had been driving his car on the trails, which is not allowed. That’s when he agreed to let officers search his car. Not the best idea. Not long after, cops say they found 19.6 grams of cocaine in his blue Dodge Durango.  He was arrested for drug possession.

A motorist fell asleep at the wheel for almost 200 MILES. Police in New Zealand received a 999 call in the middle of the night from a woman who was worried her friend had driven after taking sleeping medication. She was found after driving for five hours and 190 miles from her home! Police tracked her using her mobile phone and saw that she was sending text messages throughout the drive. The woman had no memory of the drive. Senior sergeant Dave Litton said: “We have sought an urgent order forbidding her to drive and to seek medical advice on her suitability to remain holding her driver’s license.”

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