Mummified Manniquin

Two men hired to clean out a Florida rental house thought they found a mannequin hanging in the garage MALE MANNIQUINso they cut down what they believed to be a Halloween-style prank and took it to a landfill. But workers at the dump in west-central Florida grew suspicious of its foul odor and called authorities, who determined the workers had actually brought in a dead man in a mummified state! Authorities believe the dead man, Jeremy Witfoth, 33, had hanged himself within the past several weeks. An autopsy is being conducted to determine the cause of death.

Ray Chapa allegedly switched price tags on $400 breast pumps so he could purchase them for a mere $30. Police suspect he had been racking up stolen pumps because he had 12 more in his car! Now he’s in the can on charges of grand theft and felony retail theft. It’s unclear what Chapa would have been doing with such a multitude of breast pumps, but previous mass-breast pump thefts have been indicators of a breast pump black market.

Canadian woman Kyla Anne MacMillan had to go back to an Alberta pub to retrieve her purse, after she and two friends skipped out on a tab that included a pitcher of beer, chicken wings, nachos and 23 shots of tequila and vodka! Totaling $160! MacMillan tried to say that she hadn’t skipped out on the bill, but had simply gone outside to use an ATM … but her excuse didn’t fly…because she left her purse inside. She was ordered to pay the $160 tab.

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