My lips are permanantly sealed

Authorities say an exploding refrigerator led them to a marijuana-growing operation in San Diego. City News Service says the fridge
exploded and caused a fire at a home that took firefighters about 30 minutes to douse. However, police say authorities later discovered marijuana growing at the house and a quantity of flammable hash oil, which apparently caused the explosion. Three people were held for questioning.

The quickest way to a woman’s heart is not through her underwear drawer … as a Florida man discovered upon being arrested for bombarding a woman with photos of himself wearing her panties on his head! David Sirko was busted on burglary charges after he broke into the unnamed woman’s home on several occasions, taking the bizarre photos, and even stripping down to his boxer shorts to wait for her to come home from work. She obtained a restraining order, but he continued his stalking ways, leaving her love notes and marriage proposals taped to little gifts like a can of peas she found on her porch. The woman says that Sirko has never had a key to her house, so she’s unsure how he keeps getting in.

glued lipsNew Zealand officials got a strange phone call.  Senior Sergeant Steve Aitken said the woman sounded like she was gagging or had a medical condition.” She could only grunt.” Police reported to her home in Dunedin and found that the 64-year-old woman had mistaken glue for lip cream and had glued her lips together. She was taken to Dunedin Hospital and has since been released.

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