Naked as a Jay bird


bird behind barsOslo, Norway police say witnesses alerted officers to a naked man walking around on a public street. The officers arrived to find a 24-year-old man not only naked as a jay bird but also carrying a large box that was found to be filled with amphetamine drugs. Oslo police spokesman Finn Belle said, “We’ve had a few reports of naked men lately and it’s usually tied to being high or for psychiatric reasons.”


A Florida crook who thought he was in the middle of a dream heist had a rude awakening when the homeowner returned in mid-robbery to find him asleep on her couch! Domonique Pinkard was snoring away in the living room when he was roused by cops, who took a confession that included his admission that he “had been working hard all day and had to sit down for a moment.”  A hard day thieving! His accomplice, Julian Evangelist, evidently got properly caffeinated before the break-in, and managed to escape with a television and some other household goods – and left the other guy behind!  Both men were jailed on charges of burglary and grand theft.

Anthony Dwayne Thomas, a regular customer at the Martin Oil location, asked for a job application and filled out the form with all his personal information. The clerk on duty turned away and Anthony swiped a handful of cash from their register then fled! Cops had no problem finding Thomas, since he’d given the company all the information needed to identify him.

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