Neither rain nor sleet nor pants

Nei­ther rain, nor snow, nor lack of pants kept an Okla­homa man from creep­ing out his neigh­bors.  mailboxHillard Stallings earned a stamp of dis­ap­proval after a woman called 911 to report that he was hang­ing out by his mail­box dis­play­ing what he appar­ently con­sid­ered his spe­cial deliv­ery pack­age. Cops arrived and parked across the street, where they watched for 10 min­utes as the 68-year-old did this thing – then approached to cuff him just before a nearby school dis­missed classes. Stallings was charged with inde­cent expo­sure and dis­or­derly conduct.

A Seat­tle area man whose name was not released, was sit­ting out­side a restau­rant eat­ing lunch when a pan­han­dler came over ask if he could have a bite of his bur­ri­tio.  The diner told him that he was being rude, and the pan­han­dler landed a punch to the head before run­ning off to board a bus! Cops who took a descrip­tion of the assailant tracked him down and deter­mined he’d also stolen some booze from a local liquor store just before the attack.

Some things are just not meant to be. Alberto Moreno was pulled over after a high­way patrol offi­cer clocked him mov­ing so fast that “a speed could not be deter­mined.” When the deputy got to the driver’s win­dow, Moreno acknowl­edged that he was pretty drunk, which he proved by falling down after being asked to com­plete field sobri­ety exer­cises.  He explained that he was on his way to mur­der his best pal “for screw­ing him over ear­lier that day” but ended up in jail on DUI charges instead.


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