Neither rain nor sleet nor pants

Neither rain, nor snow, nor lack of pants kept an Oklahoma man from creeping out his neighbors.  mailboxHillard Stallings earned a stamp of disapproval after a woman called 911 to report that he was hanging out by his mailbox displaying what he apparently considered his special delivery package. Cops arrived and parked across the street, where they watched for 10 minutes as the 68-year-old did this thing – then approached to cuff him just before a nearby school dismissed classes. Stallings was charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.

A Seattle area man whose name was not released, was sitting outside a restaurant eating lunch when a panhandler came over ask if he could have a bite of his burritio.  The diner told him that he was being rude, and the panhandler landed a punch to the head before running off to board a bus! Cops who took a description of the assailant tracked him down and determined he’d also stolen some booze from a local liquor store just before the attack.

Some things are just not meant to be. Alberto Moreno was pulled over after a highway patrol officer clocked him moving so fast that “a speed could not be determined.” When the deputy got to the driver’s window, Moreno acknowledged that he was pretty drunk, which he proved by falling down after being asked to complete field sobriety exercises.  He explained that he was on his way to murder his best pal “for screwing him over earlier that day” but ended up in jail on DUI charges instead.


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