Never take a man to do a dog's job

chihuahauGer­ardo Reyna had his Chi­huahua with him when he busted into a taco stand in San Anto­nio to steal cash from the cash reg­is­ter and the juke­box. You heard that right…he busted into a taco stand with a Chi­huahua. The busi­ness’ alarm sounded and he fled to hide in a row of bushes nearby.  Reyna was even­tu­ally busted because he dog wouldn’t stop yap­ping.  Maybe he really wanted Taco Bell?

Florida woman Veron­ica Doc­tor got wasted dur­ing a night out with a friend and decided to drive to her ex’s house to con­front him about doing her wrong. She began dri­ving around the prop­erty honk­ing her horn until he came out, then floored the SUV and chased him – but he jumped out of the way, and she slammed into a tree in his yard!  Emer­gency Ser­vices arrived on the scene and found Doc­tor to be unharmed but intox­i­cated – with a blood alco­hol level more than three times the legal limit.

A 4 year old boy and his grand­fa­ther went to a Burger King for a snack on their way home from a water park when they bought a kids’ meal that was sup­posed to con­tain a burger, fries and a toy. Instead, they found a pipe fully loaded up with mar­i­juana!  A worker says he had hid­den the pipe in the kid’s meal box to keep it safe while he worked, and never intended to give it away. He must have for­got.

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