New Meaning for Donut...

New mean­ing for donut
You knew you’d say it even­tu­ally … “What is wrong with kids these days?” It is becom­ing more and more com­mon for teenagers to inject saline into their fore­heads. Lips, yes, breasts, sure but in the mid­dle of your freak­ing for­head?  And I gotta say, this does not help those who are doing it look any more attrac­tive. It actu­ally looks like they have bagels under their skin.  Check out a pic on the Rock Show page.

Branch­ing out
A Long Island, New York, man went out on a limb in his effort to com­mit the per­fect crime.  The store clerk ini­tially laughed off Michael Zimmerman’s attempt, but Zim­mer­man struck him sev­eral times with his weapon – which hap­pened to be a tree branch.  He  then fled on his motor­cy­cle. An off-duty cop from a neigh­bor­ing county man­aged to block his path until local police arrived.  Sounds like the guy should stick to his day job.

Well, that didn’t go swim­mingly
Offi­cers responded to a report of a rowdy party with under­age drink­ing when Andrew Hank Sta­bler ran out of the house in an effort to escape arrest. He wasn’t quite quick enough, how­ever, and police man­aged to catch and hand­cuff him. Undaunted, Sta­bler tried to escape again, and jumped into the Coosa River, only to find that he couldn’t swim away with­out using his hands. Cops dragged him out — damp, but safe — and charged him with pub­lic intox­i­ca­tion and resist­ing arrest.

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