New Meaning for Donut...

New meaning for donut
You knew you’d say it eventually … “What is wrong with kids these days?” It is becoming more and more common for teenagers to inject saline into their foreheads. Lips, yes, breasts, sure but in the middle of your freaking forhead?  And I gotta say, this does not help those who are doing it look any more attractive. It actually looks like they have bagels under their skin.  Check out a pic on the Rock Show page.

Branching out
A Long Island, New York, man went out on a limb in his effort to commit the perfect crime.  The store clerk initially laughed off Michael Zimmerman’s attempt, but Zimmerman struck him several times with his weapon – which happened to be a tree branch.  He  then fled on his motorcycle. An off-duty cop from a neighboring county managed to block his path until local police arrived.  Sounds like the guy should stick to his day job.

Well, that didn’t go swimmingly
Officers responded to a report of a rowdy party with underage drinking when Andrew Hank Stabler ran out of the house in an effort to escape arrest. He wasn’t quite quick enough, however, and police managed to catch and handcuff him. Undaunted, Stabler tried to escape again, and jumped into the Coosa River, only to find that he couldn’t swim away without using his hands. Cops dragged him out — damp, but safe — and charged him with public intoxication and resisting arrest.

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